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Overview of the Beagle

A Beagle is a small hound. This breed of dog is an incredibly loyal and sweet pet. They are bred for their incredible sense of smell, which makes them useful for tracking down hares in particular. For this reason, they are also very useful for tracking in other contexts and will often be employed as police detection dogs.

Being hunting dogs, Beagles are used to working with humans and are very intelligent. This intelligence also makes them very playful, but it’s important to note that they also require a lot of attention as a result of this.

If you have young children and you’re worried about a big dog potentially turning on them or going haywire and knocking them over, then of course getting a smaller dog such as a Beagle might be the answer. This way you will be able to pick the dog up if it starts causing trouble, but more to the point it won’t have the physical strength to cause any damage either intentionally or accidentally.

A little dog is also cheaper for a number of reasons. The first is of course that they cost less to feed – a smaller stomach fills up more quickly meaning that the dog requires less food. At the same time though, you’ll also find that smaller dogs actually have fewer complicated health problems because they aren’t so heavy. Knee issues for instance are very common with dogs in general, but if you have a small pup then this won’t be as much of a problem because they won’t be carrying so much weight on their legs.

Looking after small dogs is also considerably easier. For one you’ll find that they don’t need to be walked so often – because they are that much smaller they will burn off energy much more quickly and easily meaning that you can leave them in the house for longer. At the same time, smaller dogs are also easier to look after because they can be easily carried and they aren’t likely to pull you over on the lead. They’re less likely to cause trouble with other dogs and they take up less space in terms of beds and pens that you may buy for them.

The Beagle’s small size, great temperament, and fun, intelligent nature make it a great companion for families. However, to ensure they are happy and fulfilled, it is important that you also understand how best to look after them.

Beagle Food and Health

Becoming increasingly popular is the idea of “puppy paleo.” What precisely does this mean? Essentially, it means trying to mimic a dog’s natural diet as it would be if they were still in the wild – it means trying to provide your dog with all the benefits that come from eating meat right off the bone. You can do this both by choosing a high protein dry dog food that contains natural ingredients and avoid unwanted additives, but also by providing your pups with additional foods that they can eat right off the bone. Buying meat from your local butcher is one of the best things you can do for your dog – not only for the nutrients they will get, but also for their teeth and even their happiness! Remember: Beagles are hunting dogs!

Be cautious of any foods that may contain even trace amounts of toxins or heavy metals. For example, tuna contains a lot of mercury, which can be harmful for dogs. Conversely, what you don’t need to worry about is saturated fat. Dogs actually love fatty meat and it is very good for nutrient absorption among other things!

You can also combine meats with the packaged dog foods we described earlier. This will help provide fuel and sustenance without the harmful additives.

Likewise, you can use other natural dry dog foods in order to give your dog more natural, healthy meat that is actually intended for them.

Leashes and Collars for your Beagles

If you want your Beagle to be well behaved and happy, then you should look for a training collar.

Sometimes clichés hold true. This is absolutely the case for the adage that “a well-trained dog is a happy dog.”

When a dog knows where it stands, how to make its owners happy, and how to avoid getting in trouble, it will walk with more of a spring in its step and will gain a sense of purpose – a place in life.

While we think we’re doing our pups a favor by letting them eat at the table and sleep on the bed, we ultimately only confuse them about their role and invite troublesome behavior.

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This is where dog training comes in, which is a must for any new dog owner and a great way to make sure your dog fits in as a functioning member of the family. And there are more benefits besides: dog training will help to prevent your dog from getting hurt or lost by running across the road, and it will ensure that they know how to behave around other dogs and children. Conscientious owners should see this as a responsibility.

Also important is the type of dog collar you use for your dogs. A training collar like a pinch collar, for instance, is a very useful tool for training hunting dogs like Beagles. These are collars that tighten around your dog’s neck to gently remind them to listen to you. The objective here is to help you to deter future bad behavior – not to hurt or scare your dog (which is not only cruel, but also makes training harder!).

If you aren’t as keen on training your Beagle to perform as a hunting dog, then you can alternatively focus on comfort and convenience. Dog harnesses are particularly popular for Beagle owners because they support your dog around the torso rather than just the waist. This makes it less painful for your Beagle when they tug against the lead – and again that actually makes it easier to get your pooch to obey. That said, using either a regular collar, a remote dog training collar, or a prong training collar is a good idea to begin with in order to instill good habits.

Whenever using collars, it’s important to ensure that they fit snugly and that you can fit two fingers between the material and your dog’s neck. While you may think that a looser collar would be more comfortable, the truth is that this gap means the collar is less likely to dig in and harm or annoy your pup.

Here are just a couple more tips for leash training your Beagle:

Walk Ahead

It’s common to see people walking their dogs with the dog bounding ahead. This is understandable as dogs are always so excited to be out in the wide world and to be smelling and discovering things. Unfortunately, letting your dog walk ahead reaffirms the idea that they’re in charge, and this can lead to bad behavior. One way to reduce this behavior? Take your dog out for more walks so that they don’t feel compelled to rush ahead and bound around in front of you like a maniac.

Give Slack

That said, you don’t want to keep your dog’s leash really tight. Once you’ve trained them to walk next to you or behind, you should ensure to give them an adequate amount of slack on their leash. This way they won’t feel compelled to pull away from you, which is the natural reaction to not having enough lead.

Sit at Curbs

An important rule to teach dogs early on is to sit at curbs until you give the “OK” to move on. This will prevent them from rushing out into the road and could one day save their lives – so it’s definitely worth teaching to them!

Once you have these basics down, you should find that walking becomes much more enjoyable for you both and much less stressful!

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Best Crates, Beds, and Doghouses for Beagles

If you’re looking for dog beds and houses for Beagles, then you should be able to make do with something quite small owing to your dog’s small size. Having a place for your dog to sleep can be useful for training purposes, as well as for making sure your dog feels happy and comfortable. Try to find something that is easily washable and that will give them space to bring one of their favorite toys as well.

A smaller Beagle will measure roughly 13 inches in height in adulthood, whereas larger dogs can grow up to 15 inches. If you shop around, you’ll find there’s a range of different options – including orthopedic dog beds, which can be useful as your dog gets older.

Dog houses like this deluxe insulated dog house are available for Beagles, and this can be good if you plan on leaving your dog outdoors for long periods, providing somewhere for them to take shelter from bad weather. This is especially important if you live in a cooler climate, but remember that your pup will need shelter from the sun if it is hotter!

With all that said, you should avoid letting your dog spend the night in the yard. Beagles are small dogs that don’t carry a lot of fat, and they are people dogs – they like to be indoors with their families!

Beagle Toys

The best dog toys are things that will stimulate them and allow them to strengthen their jaws. This is particularly important for young puppies in fact, where teething toys can help their adult teeth to come through well, while at the same time helping to strengthen their jaws and prevent them from misbehaving in other ways to help their teeth come through.

The best teething toys for your young Beagle are those with different types of textures, like a rope toy. Likewise, they will enjoy toys with different sizes and shapes that they can hold in their mouths in different ways.

A particularly popular type of dog toy as for beagles is the KONG. This is a toy made from a tough, textured rubber that is ideal for helping their teeth.

If you’re looking for toys to help keep your beagle busy when you’re away (or just want some peace and quiet), then consider things that are engaging and interactive. Toys that squeak are always popular – though of course, they can be rather irritating for owners! Toys with scents are a good choice for Beagles, as their scenting abilities are particularly advanced.

Grooming Insights for Beagle owners

Regular grooming is crucial for any dog. Many owners believe that dog grooming is purely for aesthetics, whereas in fact it is very important for a dog’s health. Something as simple as brushing your dog’s fur with a slicker brush can help to remove dead hair and dandruff and help to bring out the natural oils that exist in their fur. This helps to keep bacteria at bay, and simultaneously helps to prevent infections.

Grooming and trimming likewise reduces the chances of fleas. The best way to control fleas is of course with flea products – after all, that’s what they’re designed to do. Internal flea products like flea medications or chews are the most effective as they cause the pest repellents to be absorbed into your pet’s bloodstream. This means that when the fleas bite or your dog secretes oil, chemicals like spinosad and nitenpyram will either kill or sterilize the adult fleas.

Combing your dog’s hair regularly is something you can do together; likewise, you should aim to bathe them about once every two to six months. This will help to prevent them from smelling, but you shouldn’t be tempted to bathe them more often than that: doing so can actually dry out their skin.

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When it comes time to trimming your dog’s hair though, you can leave that to your groomer. They will also be able to trim nails and brush their teeth.

Beagle Accessories

There are many more useful accessories and extras that can help to make your life easier as a Beagle owner. These include:

  • Hiking gear for walking with your dog
  • Pooper scoopers for picking up dog messes without bending over
  • Training whistles
  • Dog coats for helping to keep them warm in cold weather – especially important in colder climates

Smaller breads like beagles are particularly well suited to clothes and hair accessories.

Then there is the dog stroller. A dog stroller, like the NV Pet Stroller, is great for smaller breeds that occasionally get tired on longer walks, or the older Beagle. A pet stroller can be especially useful in areas with worse weather.

We hope you’ll keep browsing the DogGear site for other product recommendations or more information on small breeds like the Beagle!