Positive Reinforcement Or Punishment-Based Training: What’s Right For Your Dog?

Training a puppy isn’t easy. Puppies aren’t born knowing how they’re supposed to behave. As a dog owner, it’s up to you to teach your dog what you need to do. There is a lot of mixed advice out there, and a lot of people struggle to find the right methods.

There are a few options that are especially popular. Many dog owners swear by positive reinforcement, while there are others that recommend dominance or punishment-based training. If you’re currently exploring these options, you’re going to want to look at all of the facts.

Positive Reinforcement Is What Most Experts Recommend

In the past, a lot of experts swore by punishment-based training. However, as more research came out, a lot of people recanted their earlier recommendations. Now, positive reinforcement is considered to be the ideal.

Recommendations change over time. Even if you’ve heard people say great things about dominance and punishment-based training now, they might not be the methods that you want to use today. You should focus on current recommendations and stick to those as you’re training your dog. Look at what the experts have to say and take their advice into consideration.

There Are Key Problems With Punishment-Based Training

One of the biggest issues that people encounter when they implement punishment-based training, is that their dog doesn’t actually understand what it is doing wrong. If a dog is being scolded, but it doesn’t understand why the dog will simply feel unsafe in its environment.

You might think that it’s perfectly clear that you’re punishing your dog because they chewed on your slippers. However, your dog might not be able to make that connection. Your dog needs to feel like they can trust and rely on you, and they won’t feel that way if they believe that you’re arbitrarily punishing them.

Positive Reinforcement Doesn‘t Mean That Your Dog Won’t Be Disciplined

A lot of people directly associate discipline with punishment. In truth, you can have discipline in your household without punishing your dog at all. Dogs thrive on structure and routine. You can make your dog stick to a strict schedule, and you can praise them when they display appropriate behavior.

If you have concerns about a lack of discipline, the best thing that you can do is research positive reinforcement. As you learn more about it and how other dog owners have implemented it, you’ll be able to see if this system will work for your dog. A little bit of research might wind up easing a lot of your big concerns.

Consider Professional Help

If you’re overwhelmed by all of the training that your dog needs, you should consider working with an expert. A professional will be able to talk you through the different types of training out there, and they’ll give you the guidance that you need when it comes to your dog.

You can take your dog to classes so that they will be better trained, and you can also hire a trainer to come into your home and provide your dog with instruction. No matter what you wind up doing, you’ll really benefit from working with someone that’s an expert on dogs.

What sort of training is best for your dog? If you’re trying to decide between positive reinforcement and punishment-based training, you’ll want to look at all of the research out there and make a decision that makes sense for you and your dog. Focus on being consistent and make sure that your pet is properly trained. It may take time, but eventually, you’ll be able to see the kind of results that you were looking for.