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Who or What is DogGear?

DogGear is a global team of dog experts, dog lovers, veterinarians, veterans, dog therapists, dog owners, and most importantly, students of dog trends around health, safety, training, and products.

The Best Gear for your Fur Baby

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How does DogGear conduct research and select products?

DogGear leverages our global network to ensure our perspectives and insights are both up to date and useful to every one of our users.

We also combine three aspects in a carefully weighted system to achieve our research goals and product selections. First, we assign a team member who is already an expert in the breed, product category, etc. Once that project leader is assigned, they begin a deep research process into the trends, changes, and updates across the entire breed and product ecosystem. Once this phase is complete, they also analyze and take into account consumer reviews left on various websites across the internet. Last – but not least – they share this analysis with the DogGear experts and wider team to ensure the facts are clearly stated and no stone is left unturned. We believe this system of checks and balances creates the best recommendations possible to help you purchase the right gear every time.

Our story

DogGear was started by entrepreneurs with over four decades of leadership, management, and business experiences around the world. All three founders are military veterans and life-long dog lovers, with many years of first-hand missions with military working dogs in addition to personal dog ownership. Each founder knows first-hand the struggles of finding the right gear for their dogs, and collectively decided it was time to do something about it. The final straw was the recent purchase of a new puppy by a DogGear founder. Despite a great network of dog experts, he soon realized there was ample misinformation spreading, and it was a challenge to get the right gear for his breed as a puppy at a fair price. Speaking with other dog lovers, they all shared the same opinion, and decided to take action. DogGear’s founding team has educational backgrounds from West Point, Ranger School, the Army’s Special Forces Qualification Course, and Harvard Business School. Corporate experience of the founding team includes Fortune 500 companies as well as several successful start-up companies. At DogGear we wake up each day thinking about how to help other dog lovers and dog owners better enjoy their lives together.

Our Experts

Where is DogGear Located?

Our team is spread across the entire United States, and in some cases other parts of the world to get the right information and details about every breed. We will go wherever we need to in order to gain knowledge and insights into dogs and the best gear for their lives.