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The purpose of a poop scooper is to remove the feces left behind once your dog does his duty. This way the public area you walk your dog can be free of ill-smelling droppings. In many places across America, especially in the big cities, it is also required by law to clean up after your pet. By using a poop scooper, you can comply with the law and never get your hands dirty.

The following suggestions will help you in deciding which tool you can use for the job of cleaning up after your dog is right for you.

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DogGear Philosophy

Dogs are wonderful animals to have in your life, but properly caring for them is the owner’s responsibility. Providing them with the proper tools like bowls, feed, collars, leashes, boots and, yes, even poop scoopers is your job so they will live a long and healthy life.

The following quiz is very short; but will help you to determine just what you need to help keep your dog healthy for a long life as being your companion.

Keeping Your Dog’s Pooper Scooper Clean

How to Choose the Best Dog Pooper Scooper for Your Dog

After using the pooper scooper, make sure to clean it up to make sure that it doesn’t attract flies and bacteria. One way is to hose it down with a slightly-pressurized stream of water. Another way is to let it sit in a bucket of water and disinfectant. Make sure to dispose of the used disinfectant and water properly. It is better to consult with the local waste department for advice. Also, make sure to use the bucket for the pooper scooper only.

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