Discover the Best Orthopedic Dog Beds For Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Orthopedic Dog Beds For Your Pup

When you think of back problems, you probably think of predominantly human issues. This might sound surprising, but dogs are highly prone to back problems. One reason for this is that they have an unusual body shape that basically means their back has very little support in the middle and can therefore “sag.” Should they develop excessive weight around the midriff in particular, then they can be prone to curvature of the spine. Likewise, certain breeds of dogs are also more likely to experience back problems. One of the most common examples here is the Dachshund of course – which has a much longer spine and is therefore far more prone to injury in that area. Orthopedic dog beds aim to solve this issue by providing your dog with somewhere to lie that will support their spine. This is very often going to be made from memory foam that will conform to the size and shape of your dog, and thereby help them to gain the support wherever their back needs it most.

There are many options for orthopedic dog beds, and our team of dog lovers has spent hours researching the top choices out there. We’ve organized our recommendations by dog size, which we usually determine by weight:

Orthopedic dog beds often have many other uses too – they are usually a good choice for dogs with joint problems such as knee issues. This is again a common problem for dogs, and particularly for certain breeds. Then there are issues like allergies. While orthopaedic dog beds aren’t designed specifically to contend with allergies, many are hypoallergenic in order to address this issue too.