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Find the Perfect Dog Toys for Your Pup

Finding the right toys for your dog can be tough. We have spent hundreds of hours reviewing dog toys on your behalf. Our team of veterinarians, veterans, dog experts, dog handlers, and dog lovers have reviewed plush toys, Kong toys, Nylabones, natural toys, and more to bring you the top toys for your beloved dog.

Feel free to take our quiz to find the best toys for your dog. Some need plush toys for older dogs with weak teeth and others need puppy-proof toys for powerful chewers. We have all of you covered with our quiz.

We at DogGear break the reviews down by size of your dog and generally use thee categories: small, medium, and large. We base the categories by weight. In our experience, different sized dogs require different toys. If your dog is under twenty-five (25) pounds, you are up first.  If your dog is medium or large, feel free to skip down below to the medium and large reviews.