Discover the Best Dog Collars For Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Collar For Your Pup

Dog collars come in a number of different materials for various purposes. Our team of veterinarians, professional dog law enforcement dog handlers, researchers, experts, and dog aficionados have put in hundreds of hours determining which collars are the right fit for you and your dog. Check out which collars made the cut so you can find the right puppy training collar or something more comfortable for your mature dog.

For those new to selecting a dog collar, our first recommendation to you is to determine whether your dog is small, medium, or large by DogGear standards. You can generally assess this by your dog’s weight:

We separated the collar recommendations into three size-based categories to help save you time and money. Our selection of collars for small dogs is first. If your dog is medium or large, please skip to the lower sections. If you aren’t sure which type of collar type is right for you (training, everyday use, for dogs that pull), try completing our short quiz, which will take you less than 1 minute. The quiz helps us formulate a personalized recommendation for you based on the time the DogGear team has spent researching every type of collar on the market.