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A pet stroller is a helpful tool for smaller dogs who can’t keep up for as long as a larger dog, or for older dogs who still want to get time outside with you. There are plenty of choices for dog strollers out there, so how do you find one that works?

That’s exactly why the DogGear team has researched the best dog strollers out there. Keep reading to discover our top choices!

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 Best Strollers for Dogs

Best Dog Strollers for Dogs

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A dog stroller offers a convenient means of transporting your pooch from point A to point B. Some dogs get social anxiety from walking. Packing your pet into a stroller keeps them safe and secure on a walk through the mall or a trip to the store. Keep reading to learn about the ideal features of a dog stroller, or check out our other helpful travel-related products!

Find the Perfect Stroller For Your Dog

How to choose the right dog stroller

A stroller needs a lightweight, collapsible frame for easy handling and compact portability. This feature makes it a breeze to turn and easy to fold up to store in the trunk of your car.

The strollers cabin should feature a cushioned, supportive floor, with material mesh sidewalls. A clip or zipper keeps the walls in place and prevents your dog from escaping if they get excited. A mesh or clear plastic front panel allows your dog to see what’s in front of them and keeps them dry if there’s a light shower while you’re on your walk. Check for adjustable interior panels that allow you to size the cabin for your specific breed of dog.

A collapsible sun canopy offers your dog protection from the suns heat and a light shower. A plastic viewing window helps you keep an eye on your passenger as you jog or walk. Under the cabin, you’ll find a large carry basket. Pack your bag and essential items for your dog, like a water bowl and their toys.

Wheels are the most critical component of your dog stroller. If you enjoy a jog or run, choose a stroller with large diameter wheels and air-filled tires. Strollers come with either 3-wheel or 4-wheel configurations. 3-wheel options are the best for joggers, look for a model with a locking front wheel to keep the stroller on track while you run.

For owners that want to take their pooch out for a leisurely stroll, a 4-wheel option with smaller diameter wheels and solid rubber tires is ideal.

The handlebars are the control-hub of the stroller. A parking brake ensures the stroller doesn’t roll away from you. Adjustable handlebars allow you to adjust the ride height as you please. The console should have space for your cell phone and a water bottle in case you get thirsty on your walk.

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To find the best dog strollers, select to begin by breed or by size

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