Discover the Best Hands Free Leash for Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Hands Free Leash for Your Pup

The hands-free leash is one of those ideas that is simple but brilliant when you see it in action. Essentially, this is a leash that you attach to your body rather than holding in one hand. It basically means that you’re now free to act as you would normally. If you have lots of shopping bags to carry, if you want to chat with a friend on the phone while walking, or if you generally want to be able to enjoy the walks as much as your dogs, then this kind of leash makes a lot of sense. It also means that you are putting a little more trust into your dog. It’s a good idea to use this kind of leash with a dog who has already been leash trained and who will be willing to walk in a straight line most of the time. This works very well for older dogs. Regardless, a hands-free leash is a great option that will make your daily walks much easier.

While we don’t recommend hands-free leashes for small dogs, our selections for larger dogs are below. The DogGear team usually bases dog size on their weight:

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