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Overview of the Havenese Breed

The Havanese is a breed of Bichon family. Its origin was in Cuba and its known as the “White Dog of Havana.” The Havanese is descended from the Blanquito, which was cross bred with other Bichon types. It is also often called the “Havana Silk Dog,” which was the other name for the Blanquito.

The Havanese are small hairy dogs and their body is sturdy . They have a curious, sensitive, and intelligent personality. Havanese want to be the center of attention. They have long silky hair, which makes them quite noticeable to a lot of dog lovers. It is a true example of companionship and ideal pet.

In the 18th century, Europeans came to Havana for vacations and they discovered the Havanese. This breed quickly became famous among other countries like Spain, French, and Britain. In 1996, American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized the Havanese breed. This breed is now 25th most popular and the fastest growing breed in US.

Havanese Food and Health

If we talk about Havanese’s diet and nutrition, the first and the most important nutrient is protein like high protein dry dog. It is good for your dog, since amino acids generate protein which builds healthy cells, tissues and muscles. Your Havana puppy needs massive amount of proteins in its food that will help them to grow and develop. Fat is the 2nd most important nutrition your dog may need because it provides energy. Fat is particularly for small dogs like Havanese because their metabolism is fast. They burn more calories than larger dogs. That’s why they need more fat in their food.

For puppy havanese, you need to choose tasty and easy-to-eat food. “Natural Balance Original Ultra Chicken, Duck and Brown Rice Puppy Canned” as blue buffalo small breed chicken is the best recommendation you can get. This company has created a tasty formula for havanese puppies that is going to make them enjoy their food. It contains all those ingredients and nutrients a puppy needs to grow really healthy bones. It has colostrum in it, which is the milk a puppy needs from its havanese mother.

If you want to switch puppy food to adult dog food, you have to mix 20% of your old food with some new one to protect your dog from tummy problems. “Mericks Classic Small-Breed Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food” is our recommendation for adult Havanese. There are three ingredients like chicken and turkey meal, and debond chicken. This food contains 50% meat and fats. 25% minerals, vegetables, and whole grains like oats and brown rice such as petsafe gentle leader etc. This product’s quality is all organic.

Typically, owners place their dog’s meal and water plates on the floor. It is a good idea if you place a dog bowl at the height of your dog. This will be beneficial for your dog as it allows your dog to make a standing position. It keeps their head above stomach so the meal can travel more easily to digestive system.

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It will benefit your pet’s joints, too. As they provide less pressure. Havanese are small sized dog breed so we need to find an ideal dog bowl whose height is same as average dogs. Owners get worried about their pet’s health and unexpected expenses. For this, they prefer to get pet insurance. Pet insurance keeps you safe and protect you and your pet’s health. It is a safety net that provides insurance and cover veterinary bills of your dog’s injury or health issues. Numbers of heart problems are showing up in today’s Havanese breed.

Cardiac problems can be treated by surgery/diet or medicines. Deafness, seizures, kidney problems and skin allergies has also been found in this breed. Cataracts are one of the common diseases in the Havanese breed which means shortage of sight.

Cataract effects both of the eyes and as a result your pet gets blind. There is a high risk of this disease in this breed.

Chondrodysplasia is a disease that can stop skeletal growth. Hip Dysplasia is a disorder of an undeveloped hip joint. These are some of the common diseases in this breed. So, you need to buy a pet insurance for the expenses.

The pet insurance company claims 750 euros, if your pet is on a continuous condition this claim can be more than thousand. There are basically three types of pet insurance such as, Accident only, Accident and illness, and Accident illness and routine treatment. People usually follow accident and illness insurance for their pets because illness or injuries treatments can lead you to a budget that you can’t afford. There are many expenses in x-rays, surgeries and medicines. In this type of insurance, it will cover your vet bills by asking about your dog’s breed, pet type and address. After that, you need to follow their policies.

Leashes and Collars for your Havenese

Finding a dog harness for Havanese is very difficult and challenging. You will be too unsure about the harness’ size and perfect fitting for your dog. But it’s a good idea to buy harnesses rather than dog collars as it is a small breed dog and their throat is sensitive. If you try to pull it with a collar, it can cause damage. If you want to teach Havanese how to walk, then harness like will be the ideal choice. Take measurements of your dog’s girth through its stomach. It will show your dog’s perfect harness size.

“Soft Mesh Comfy Step in Dog Vest Harness” as pull pet harness adjustable outdoor pet vest is our recommendation for 14 week- 4 months old Havanese. There are shock collars as well but Havanese are more willing to learn in a positive and reward method of training. This collar doesn’t suit the Havanese breed. They will try to match your needs by learning in a lovable manner.

The clicker training is one of the best techniques to command them basic things like come, sit down, stop, and stand up. It will provide a good foundation between your family and your pet. The tough season for a dog can be the winter season – if you don’t care about your dog. The melted ice can injure a dog’s paw. Many dogs like Havanese have a benefit of thick and long fur but this is not enough to protect them from the freezing weather. There are all kinds of winter products that will help your dog to enjoy in cold weather, too.

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Waterproof coats and boots can be a good start for your dog’s winter season. Our recommendation for this year’s winter season is to keep your dog warm by using products like “My Busy Dog Water-Resistant Dog Shoe”, it is the best winter dog boots you’ll love. It is durable and waterproof for any weather condition.

Best Crates, Beds, and Doghouses for Havenese dogs

Your pet needs a dog house or dog bed for themselves to have a comfortable and relaxing sleep. For this, you need to buy them a bed or house that is durable and affordable at the same time. Havanese are a small breed dog so they can fit easily in most of the beds. But first, you need to measure their height, length, and weight. According to the measurements, you’ll find your desirable bed that will give good support. After that, you have to observe the sleeping position of your dog that it usually sleeps in.

Size matters according to your dog’s weight and sleeping pattern. Their sleeping position is all that you need to care about before buying a bed for them, since your dog should be able to lay down under the area of that bed. If the bed has a weight limit, then make sure your Havanese is underweight.

For old age Havanese, their joints, tissues, and cartilage get worse – that’s why they usually face joint and arthritis problems when they get old. Your dog becomes sensitive due to behavioral change. You can improve pain by walking and playing. Their bed acts as an important role to provide them comfort from achy body.

You can attach dog ramp to their bed, this will make sure that your dog can easily get off or on without your help. You should be aware of the weather conditions or what they demand in your city. Colorado is the coolest place in US, you’ll need a bed that can warm your pet. It is important to buy a warm bed in winters and vice versa. “The Toy Kuranda Bed” is our recommendation.

Havenese Toys

Every puppy goes through a teething phase once or twice. The best way to make them feel relaxed is the usage of toys. They start chewing things, instead of this give them toys. Eventually, they’ll learn what to chew. If you have decided to give your puppy a chewing toy like puppy chew teething rope toys, then make sure it is made up of a good quality material. A puppy toy should be entertaining, and for that, we have recommendations for you. Bone toys are used for aggressive chewers. It is durable and made up of nylon. This toy will stand up against abuse and pressure.

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Dental chews are healthy for your puppies because when your Havanese puppy chew on them it will clean their teeth and strengthen their jaw. It is available in different flavors. Teething toys are specially made for those puppies who are facing the teething phase.

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For adults, “Bubble Buddy Dog Toy” as ailuki dog rope toy is a toy which attracts your dog for popping bubbles. Dogs love to pop it as this toy creates scented bubbles. “Rag Rope Ball Dog Toy” as interactive ball launchers is a favorite toy for old Havanese as they can start their battle with them. They love to compete with them. This toy doesn’t lead to aggression if you use it well. Play with them according to your conditions, if your dog isn’t listening to your commands, then you should not play with them.

Otherwise, it is a good game to play with your dog. Kongs like kong extreme dog toy are the best toys to hide treats in them. These are not too much difficult to find. It will entertain your dogs for quite a long time. If we talk about consumer reviews about dog toys, they rated the products well. Squeaker toys are the number 1 choice of those consumers, while ball and fetch toys are the second most favorite for them.

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Grooming Insights for Havenese owners

This breed wants daily bathing and grooming because of their long silky hair. Routinely bathing encourages effective hair growth in them. Their hair can turn into rough hair if you don’t wash them properly. Keeping them clean is the first and foremost important thing because they are covered with more hair than an average dog. After making their hair wet, apply shampoo and squeeze such as earthbath natural pet shampoo it in a downward direction. Rubbing their hair will cause tangles.

After washing up the dog shampoo. Apply dog conditioner in a same way and rinse it thoroughly. After this, cover the dog with a towel and extract excessive water from it. Use hairdryer for drying its hair. Recommended shampoo is “Flea and Tick Shampoo” as it kills flea and ticks by leaving fresh odor, it can be used for 12-week puppies too. Combs like  furminator deShedding tool dogs small are literally the best for brushing those Havanese hair, as it has gaps between the points. The broader the gaps are, the more it would be easy to brush without causing any pain to your dog.

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Havenese Breed Accessories

Any runner who owns a pet wants them to be their runner buddy. Dogs can easily understand so they can be trained in no time. “Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots” are one of the most reliable products. These dog boots are durable and allow your dog to roam around with you. These boots don’t allow any dirt or rocks in, which makes it a secure product to use.

For dog collars, “Link AKC Smart Collar” is the best for runners. The future product is here known as smart collars. You can track your Havanese by using this 24/7 tracking device from your phone. If you want your Havanese to keep quiet, the main thing is to keep your pocket full of their favorite treats to reward them for behaving nicely. Anyway, this is the end of the article. We hope you’ll find this article useful enough to help your dog out with things.