Discover the Best Dog Food for Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Dog Food for Your Pup

There are a few important things to consider when it comes to dog food. The first is that your dog food needs to be high in nutrients. It’s a mistake to think of food (dog food or human food!) as being nothing but fuel. Food is what provides the building blocks that allow the creation of muscle, bone, brain tissue, and more. When you don’t have those important nutrients, you end up becoming unhealthy. This is also true for animals, so if you don’t get dog food that meets these requirements, your pup might suffer from bad skin, fur, nails, teeth, and more. It’s also important to avoid an excess of sugar and additives. Dogs aren’t built to consume sugar in large amounts since it can cause a range of problems ranging from metabolic syndrome, to obesity, to inflammation, and even nerve damage.

We recommend most products by our size categories, which are based on your dog’s weight:

The DogGear team’s food picks for small dogs are up first, and our favorite foods for medium and large dogs are further down the page. Read on to save time on your hunt for the best dog food!