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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dogs?

Most homeowners will definitely be familiar with home insurance. It’s also a way to protect homeowners’ hard-earned effort to the property that they have invested on. Most home insurance plans include personal liabilities and coverage of payments in the event that an accident or injury happens in your home, resulting someone to sue or having to provide medical care.

For example, if something bad or any accident happens in your home, you can file claims or reimbursements for the damages or other legal expenses if it is covered in your insurance policy. But have you even wondered if your insurance covers dogs?

Our pets may be adorable, and they might make life much more fun, but they can also cause potential trouble as well. They might end up biting a stranger or a guest, and this may result in medical and legal expenses. Do you want to know if your home insurance covers dogs?

Insurance Policy Covering Dogs

What parts of your insurance covers dogs? Generally, most home insurance policies cover injuries that are caused by most types or breeds of dogs. This will fall under the provisions of personal liability and medical payments to others.

For example, if you dog ends up biting someone, this can fall under the personal liability coverage of your insurance. This will cover legal expenses connected to the incident. The usual minimum coverage is a hundred thousand dollars. As for medical expenses, the limit is usually a thousand dollars for the minimum.

When Is Your Pet Dog Not Included In The Coverage?

In a nutshell, your home insurance won’t probably cover the damages that your pet might do to your home or property. So don’t expect your chewed-on drywall getting insurance coverage if your dog accidentally damages it. On the other hand, the liability coverage in your insurance can cover the damages your pet might do to the property of others. Take note of the following information as well:

  • There are also certain dog breeds that aren’t covered by insurance policy in the event that your dog accidentally bites a stranger.
  • If your pet digs a hole in your carpet, bites your walls, or breaks your fence, this won’t usually be covered by insurance as well.
  • Your insurance policy will probably not cover damages inside your home such as a broken sofa either.

Pet Damages Covered By Insurance

Your home insurance may be able to protect your home or property from various hazards and accidents, there is usually limited coverage for dog damages.

Personal Property
Your things might be protected against risks or hazards, but there isn’t really much coverage for your personal property, especially if your dog is the one that causes the damage.
Home Structure
As discussed, home insurance policies don’t include coverage for damages caused by animals, insects or rodents too. This means that you probably won’t get reimbursed for repairs caused by your dog as well.
Nonetheless, the liability protection part is included in most insurance policies. So if your pet ends up destroying or damaging something that belongs to someone else, the liability coverage in your insurance policy may support the cost of repairs and/or replacements.

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