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Cyber Monday Treasures

If you are like us, you have acquired lots of adorable knickknacks since you began your journey as a pet parent, or maybe even before. A cute husky winter throw here, a collection of mini schnauzer teacups there. You love everything dog related and are always looking for ways to add more to your home. Bring your enthusiasm for canines to life with one of a kind home decor that is sure to inspire. Colorful and handcrafted, these conversation pieces will draw attention, adding the perfect accent or centerpiece to any room. You don’t have to be an antique master to know what goes best with your own personal home style and personality. There is something for every dog art and antique collector no matter what your preferred medium. 

Herend Hand Painted Pair of Foo Dogs

If you like an Oriental flair, this spectacular pair of foo dogs are vibrantly hand-painted and thought to date back to 20th century Hungary. Even though the cute pups resemble a puffy Chow Chow or Shih Tzu breed, when the style was first introduced in China they were meant to represent a lion. Although this pair measures the perfect size for a bookshelf or desk ornament, the foo dog statues were originally quite large and kept outdoors by a doorway or gate as guardians.

On top of being fun and original pieces, they are also authenticated by the highly sought after Herend Porcelain stamp. Any dog enthusiast would be thrilled to bring these little guys home, just make sure that you always keep them together on display because it could be bad luck if they are ever separated.  

Foo dogs come in pairs, one male and one female. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell which is which as they were originally depicted with a ball and pup to tell them apart. Today you can find them in a wide variety of shapes and sizes each with its own unique look to easily match any brand of interior design.   

French Bulldog Dog Bronze Sculpture

Calling all Frenchie lovers and obsessors, this little guy is waiting patiently for his forever home. This elegantly crafted bronze French Bulldog sculpture is the perfect representation of the devoted breed. It would make a fantastic companion set as a mantelpiece, or maybe on its very own shelf. Where ever you choose to place this marble based statue it would definitely draw attention.

The Bouledogue Francais is a cousin to the English Bulldog and the sixth most popular breed in the U.S. This lovable breed is a great family pet and very affectionate. The perfect blend of the standard-sized bulldog, pug and terrier, this lap breed can be found in nine different colors. It also makes the perfect little watchdog. 

Monogrammed Running Dog Oil on Canvas

Estimated to be between the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this oil canvas elegantly captures the power and grace of an esteemed Pointer on the hunt. Receiving their name from their aptitude at pointing owners towards the target, these multi-colored game dogs have been making a big impression for hundreds of years. The monogram CF was clearly a proud pet parent or at the very least a canine admirer, as can be seen with their delicate attention to detail. The rich golden frame would provide a great balance in a study or dining area especially if paired with dark purple or royale blue colored decor. 

With a competitive spirit, the Pointer has taken the sporting world by storm. Lean and agile, he is at the top in his field. This spotted canine would make a great companion for an active family or owner.


What better way to complete your canine collection than with decorative turn of the century china. A perfect pair of playful English pointers in black and beige grace the center of this amazing work of art. Placed on a patch of tall grass and surrounded by ornate foliage to represent the hunting ground where you are likely to find this breed. Its square design makes it very versatile as either a wall hanging or a decorative piece for a shelf or china cabinet. This porcelain dish can blend seamlessly into any decor without clashing on the verge of tacky. Your furry friend would agree this is a must-have for any dog enthusiast. 

Decorative china is a great way to add a little bit of what you love most into any space. They are favorites around the world for covering large or small amounts of wall space without looking out of place. China or what is now simply referred to as a lavish dish can be found in any type of decor from retro to modern to country chic. There is always room for a beautifully crafted place setting.  

Signed Artist Proof Blue Dog Art Canvas Print

This corgi inspired Giclee print brings intense shades of blue designed to make a bold statement. The 16 x 24 pop-art style painting would really make an impression in your living or dining room or alternatively any space that is frequented by guests and members of the household. The sapphire and cobalt hues are calming to view in addition to the two adorable faces of the staring pups. To top it off the print features a signature by the esteemed artist. It can be hung as a plan proof or framed for a more dramatic look. It also makes a perfect gift for the other dog lovers in your life or a treat for yourself.       


Although this work of art offers a modern punch of color the Corgi itself has been around since the 10th century. In some Welsh legends, they are thought to have helped fairies and other magical creatures. Today the Corgi is best known for its superior herding and show abilities. They are also known as a favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth ll.