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Best Water Sprinklers

Watering your lawn or your garden can be a tedious task. And you can’t really neglect it because it would ruin the aesthetics of your house. Your lawn is literally the first impression of you on anyone who calls on you the first time. To make your task easier, choose a water sprinkler which will not only save your time and energy but also help you keep your lawn lush green. We have reviewed the best water sprinklers in the market.

Best Water Sprinklers

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A garden adds life to your house, and every house owner dreams of having a perfectly lush one. Aside from the reason that it makes your area more appealing, it also helps to boost the value of your property. However, watering your plants and your lawn can be a tiring job on a daily basis, especially if you have a wide, long backyard. With this in mind, water sprinklers can help you with your watering needs.

Water sprinklers come in handy to keep your lawn from drying and maintain the base spots while keeping your landscape healthy at the proper interval of watering. Having the right amount of water for your lawn or garden with low wastage is important to keep your lawn alive. Your dog, cat, and even kids would also love having water sprinklers in the garden as they are fond of playing with water. 

Having the perfect water sprinklers in your garden is important because overwatering can cause weak roots of your plants, and your plants will droop down quickly. Thus, it is necessary and beneficial to use water sprinklers in your backyard. 

Types of Water Sprinklers

Different water sprinklers can help you in maintaining your garden as there are different types of water sprinklers you can get.

  • Shrub Style Water Sprinklers

This type of water sprinkler is traditional and becoming rarer these days. There is a pipe, and a sprinkler head installed on top of it. Back in the day, this water sprinkler used to water the shrubs, and that is where they got their name from. However, this is only used in places where no other form of sprinkler would work. Nowadays, having drip irrigation would be a far better option that is being used as opposed to shrub style sprinklers.

  • Oscillating Water Sprinklers

The oscillating water sprinklers are the most common type of sprinklers used by most homeowners nowadays. It is considered a simple device that is used to water around your lawn. It sprays out the water in a fan-shaped curtain, while the arm oscillates back and forth, hence, the name oscillating water sprinklers. It is an efficient gardening tool for watering especially if you have a rectangular garden.

  • Pop-Up Style Water Sprinklers

Some of the water sprinklers are installed below or underneath the ground, and those sprinklers are called pop-up style water sprinklers. The name of the water sprinkler itself explains that once this sprinkler operates, a piston containing the nozzle pops up from the ground, and it will water the lawn around you. Once you’re done using the water sprinkler, it goes back into the ground. It is advisable to choose this type of sprinkler to enhance the appearance of your lawn because they are hidden and won’t ruin your garden.

  • Stationary Water Sprinklers

As the name suggests, this type of water sprinkler is placed only at a certain area of the lawn. If you only have a small lawn to water, this might be the best water sprinkler for you. This type of sprinkler can be circular, rectangular, or square. Stationary water sprinkler works very well even if you have water with low pressure, and it is more durable because it doesn’t have many parts that can be broken.

  • Pulsating Water Sprinklers

Just like shrub style water sprinkler, this type of sprinkler is also a very traditional pick, yet works like a charm. A sprinkler with rotating head can be installed on your garden hose, and that can help you to water your lawns by rotating it around. Some of the pulsating sprinklers rotate as much as 360-degrees, while most pulsating water sprinklers offer only a semi-circle coverage of spray. They can cover a wide area of your lawn to water, and are also fun if you have kids and dogs who like to play in the water.

  • Traveling Water Sprinkler

This water sprinkler is perfect if you have a large lawn, and you do not want to exert more effort in maneuvering the sprinkler around your lawn. With a traveling water sprinkler, this will move around and do its job on its own. Traveling water sprinklers does the watering job that you need without making your arms tired. What’s even better with this water sprinkler is it doesn’t use electricity or gasoline to function. The pressure of the water itself triggers the movement of the water sprinkler, and your entire lawn can be watered very quickly.

How to Choose the Best Water Sprinkler For You

As there are different types of water sprinklers, there are also different things you should be mindful of when buying the water sprinkler that would best suit your needs and budget.

  • Spray Heads 

The spray head of your water sprinkler should be enough to water your lawn.

  • Nozzles

Water sprinklers with rotary nozzles will give you a finer and lesser amount of mist to help you conserve more water.

  • Area Coverage

You should make sure that the water sprinkler you’ll get will be enough to water every part of your lawn so you won’t have a dead part in your garden.

  • Easy Installation

Finding the best water sprinkler itself could be a hard task, so you should look for one that is just easy-to-install to keep you from the hassle.

  • Price

You should look for a water sprinkler that won’t break your bank, yet doesn’t lack in giving you the features that you need for watering your lawn.

  • Material

Your water sprinkler should be made from a material that won’t break easily and will last you for a long time.

Water sprinklers can be helpful for you for a variety of reasons. Whether you own a large garden, or you are a busy person with a hectic schedule, it would be convenient for you to have water sprinklers. The thing is, finding the right type with top-of-the-line features and functions should be your priority. Consider our buying guide and you’ll achieve a healthy, green lawn in no time.

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