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Relaxing beside the pool on a warm day is a great way to pass the afternoon. One of the most important parts of relaxation when it comes to a lazy day at the pool, is a comfortable pool chair. Choose one that has enough room to have your pooch curled up next you too. When you are searching for the perfect beach chair, you are going to want to look at the size, weight capacity, materials, comfort, design and functionality. Thankfully, we have found four great options for you and your pooch to consider to make your search faster and easier. Check out some of the best pool chairs available today!


Dr. Jarett Gilpin says, ”Here are the best pool chairs that you and your dog will enjoy.”

Best Pool Chairs

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Buying Guidelines: How to Choose The Best Pool Chairs

During summer, your backyard pool could be the best gathering place for your friends and family. To make your pool area extra comfy for your guests, you should also need to provide a place for them to relax. Having a backyard pool is good, but with the pool chairs, it’s even better! 

Nowadays, there are various swimming pool chairs that you could possibly buy. Different manufacturers could provide you a few based on what you need and prefer. There are styles where chairs are converted from a sitting to a laying down position, others have adjustable backs to personalize what position you’d like to have. The options are limitless! Read on to learn more about them.

Types of Pool Chairs

Below are the different types of pool chairs you can choose for your pool area. These popular styles totally rock and will turn your backyard pool into a nicer spot! 

  • Outdoor Sofas

As the name suggests, these are sofas that are purposely made for outdoors. You can use them for pool parties and even family dinners in the backyard. Outdoor sofas provide a resting place after taking a dip. Mostly, they are weather-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them being wet. You can also have sectional sofas for ample poolside seating. 

  • Adirondack Chairs 

Adirondack chairs are very popular nowadays. They are usually made from wood or plastic. Basically, they’re outdoor lounge chairs with a varied pleasing design. You can see wide armrests, tall slatted backs, and sloped bodies. Adirondack chairs are ideal for indoor use too!

  • Hammock 

A hammock is like a swing made of fabric, rope or netting. It is attached to two points (usually sturdy trees). If there are no trees for your hammock, you can choose a hammock with a spreader bar. It stretches the fabric or net, so you could use a hammock without attaching it to a tree. This is great for people who are somewhat afraid of heights because this will only be four to five inches above the ground. You can take a rest and even fall asleep on it! 

  • Bistro Sets

These bistro sets are like dining sets, with two to four people seats made for the outdoors. Manufacturers provide different options, based on their designs down to the materials used. Some people prefer having a bar-height poolside bistro set, so they could keep the drinks and snacks far from water splashes. They are usually made of iron or wood. You can also find a set with a foldable table for easy storage once the summer is over. Imagine sitting in your bistro set as you take a break after dipping or eating your favorite snack at the poolside!

  • Chaise Lounges

Lastly, the most popular outdoor furniture is a chaise lounge.  A lounge has an adjustable back, so you could recline it at any angle you prefer. It is recommended for people who want to relax, read, nap and sunbathe. It can make you feel relaxed while sitting upright as your legs are stretched out. Place a side table between your two lounges so you can get a spot for drinks, food, books, and whatever it is that you want! A chaise lounge is usually made of woods, wicker, rattan, iron, and plastic; sometimes with cushion provided. 

Things to Consider When Buying Pool Chairs

Listed are the things you need to consider when buying the perfect desired pool chairs for your pool area. 

  • Comfortability

Well, the truth is, comfort is subjective. Fortunately, there are a few things that can help you find a comfortable pool chair. You can start by taking a look at its parts. Do you want an elongated, robust backrest or you dig a soft, padded one? Do you prefer one with armrests or do you find them distracting? Some pool chairs also allow you to adjust their height and length, and it can help you find the right spot!

For extra comfort, you can even look for pool chairs with extra pillows and a built-in umbrella for sun protection!

  • Durability

For durability, all you need is to find your ideal material. Then, make sure that the pool chair can withstand different weather conditions. Remember that you’re keeping them outdoors, so you need long-lasting outdoor furniture! Water-resistant chairs are also a plus.

  • Material 

If you’re eyeing the fabric ones, they should repel water or better yet, they should quickly evaporate the moisture. Check the cushion seams, stitches and the thread as well. 

For plastic, choose an extremely durable plastic that is weather-resistant. Look for plastic pool chairs that are easy to clean also.

In choosing wood, find materials that are weather-resistant like teak, redwood, cedar or cypress. However, they won’t last for long because they’re not water-resistant. You’ll also notice that their appearance will quickly wear out if you won’t varnish them regularly. 

Wicker and rattan would remain strong especially when finished with resin. They just need to be weatherproofed occasionally too. However, they are hard to clean.

When choosing between iron and steel, make sure to weatherproof them so they will not rust, better yet, paint the chairs every couple of years. 

  • Storage

Even though designed for outdoor use, it is still better to store and protect them from the inclement weather that could possibly cause wear and tear. Take for lounges, it would be good if they can be compacted or foldable so they could only occupy small space. Choose from the pool chairs that could be easily stored. 

Now, you can probably think of how to make your backyard pool a better place for personal relaxation or gathering. With this reliable buying guideline, achieve the ultimate comfort and enjoyment in your pool area with the perfect pool chairs you can buy!

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