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Best Pet safe indoor plants for Dog

While having some indoor plants will liven up the look of your home, they can be a burden to your pets. Your dogs and cats will likely nibble on these plants, or may even use them as a place to go potty. In these instances, a stray thorn or piece can cause injuries. What’s more, some plants might end up poisoning or causing sickness to your pets if you are not aware. As such, here are some great decorative plants you can get and not worry about your pets’ safety.  

According to veterinarian, Dr. Jarett Gilpin, “The best advice to protect your pets from any harmful plants is to simply keep them away from reach. Position plants in spots where your cat or dog can’t easily climb. You can also put your plants in protected cases where your pets can’t use their paws to grab them. Lastly, never put in any plant that is already known to be poisonous to pets.”

Best Pet safe indoor plants

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