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Box fans are known to produce a lot of power and are often a must-have on warm, humid days for both humans and animals. The way they can circulate air while still using just a little power makes them ideal to leave on when you have dogs in the home to protect their health and make them more comfortable.

Julia Yoo, a doodle lover, says, “Box fans can be used indoors or outside to keep your pooch comfortable on the hottest days of the year. Because they’re larger in size they work especially well in more spacious rooms.”

Best Box Fan

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How to Find The Best Box Fan For Your dog

Box Fan

Why is it essential to provide a dog fan to our furry pets? The thick fur and coat that covers their body makes them feel hotter than humans. It’s because they don’t have sweat glands. That’s why they cannot cool their bodies on their own. The primary way to cool themselves is through panting. The hot and humid weather makes dogs uncomfortable.

Is It Necessary to have a Dog Fan?

Providing them a box fan inside their house in a way can help to cool them down. The hot temperature can cause heatstroke to our pets, even if they are healthy. Dogs having compromised health are prone to heatstroke, which is fatal in most cases. To avoid the risk of stroke, pet owners must consider cooling fans. Consider the safety of your dog when buying a fan.

Buying Guide

A box fan is a smart choice to cool the doghouse without investing a large amount of money. It is necessary to know some relevant details before purchasing the unit.

Noise, airflow, and size

The airflow is an essential factor to consider in buying a fan for your dog. It determines the performance and cooling capacity of the unit. Choose a fan in which the size matches the area of the doghouse. The airflow level and speed regulation affect the noise produced by the fan. If the unit provides more airflow and speed, it will also generate a high level of noise.

Design and safety

Most likely, we attach this fan to the window or door of the kennel. Thus, we recommend picking a unit that features a flexible and adjustable mounting mechanism. Make sure that the mounting hooks can hold the weight of the fan, making it stable. The casing of the fan must be securely attached and have soft silicone blades to prevent our inquisitive pets from harm.


It is also vital to check the manufacturing material of the fan. For an outdoor doghouse, you must choose a unit made of ABS plastic. You can also find a BPA-free polypropylene plastic crate fan that is chew resistant, lightweight, and durable.

Other considerations when buying a dog fan are the chargers, batteries, and instruction manuals. Check for any customer service support and warranty for the unit.

Final Thoughts

The hot weather is not an enjoyable time for dogs. While our pet is inside the crate or doghouse, the body temperature increases. Thus, we must provide a proper ventilation or cooling system such as a box fan. It will cool down the temperature inside the kennel or crate.

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