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Best Bedroom Rug for Dog Owners

Choosing a bedroom rug that’s suitable for your pets can be a difficult task. The rug needs to be able to withstand their paws and claws. You’ll want a pile that cannot be easily ripped by a cat or dog and one that they can’t catch their claws on. To be pet-friendly, the rug needs to resist stains and be durable. Fortunately, there are several to fit the bill.

According to veterinarian, Dr. Jarett Gilpin, “Our pets are like family, and bedroom rugs should help keep them safe and provide comfort for them.

Best Bedroom rug

the scoop

pros and cons

Best Bedroom rug

the scoop

pros and cons

How to Find The Best Bedroom rug For Your dog


The bedroom is the one area in your house where you have full control over the design, furniture, and overall ambiance. Naturally, you would want your bedroom to be a space where you feel comfortable. Installing a rug to your bedroom contributes a level of coziness that will make your bedroom feel like a safe haven.

Bedroom Rug Floor Plan

Bedroom rugs are extremely customizable because each bedroom is designed to your own liking. If you are unsure what kind of bedroom rug to choose, you can always refer to your room’s floor plan to have a better look at the overall area. There are three general floorplan options for bedroom rugs. The first is a rug large enough to cover all the furniture in your room, but this is very hard to maintain because if you spill liquids in one area, you would have to clean the whole rug. If you’re looking for comfort and warmth, the best option is to fit a large rug under your bed for a more cozy feel. When you don’t want to cover your hardwood floors, or if you invested in a quality tiled floor, we suggest placing two small rugs on either side of your bed to complement the flooring without compromising comfort for your feet.

Bedroom Rug Considerations

     Rug Design

A rug is large enough to have an effect on the overall atmosphere of your bedroom. It is important to factor in not just the pattern or style of the rug, but also the texture because you will probably walk barefoot in it all the time. Contrasting styles between furniture and rugs is ideal to keep the room from being too overwhelming. If you have decorative furniture, a muted rug is recommended. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to play around with the styles and patterns of your rug if you have a minimalist room.

  •       Rug Shape

Bedroom rugs come in three main shapes: rectangular, square, and circular. Rectangular and narrow rugs are considered the standard because they go well with most large area rooms. If you want to make your bedroom seem bigger or if you want to separate different areas in your room, a square-shaped rug is the best choice. Circular rugs are best paired with similarly-shaped furniture.

  •       Rug Material

When choosing rug material for your bedroom, you should not hold back on the quality since you are probably going to spend most of your time relaxing there. Authentic wool rugs offer the best texture as well as other natural fiber rugs. Cotton is also a good rug material because it is highly breathable, but it is prone to wear and tear. We recommend getting a bedroom rug with rubber pads stitched under the fabric to keep the rugs from slipping around.

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