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Best Area Rug

Area rugs are known for being useful when you want to tie the room together and also add a touch of warmth to bare floors. For those with dogs in the home, they’re useful for providing pets a cozy and comfortable place to lounge and protect the floors from wear or damage.

Julia Yoo, a doodle lover, says, “Area rugs are not only decorative but can collect dog hair to ensure it doesn’t spread to other areas of the home. My dog enjoys the comfort provided to ensure he doesn’t have to lay on a bare floor throughout the day.”

Best Area Rug

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How to Find The Best Area Rug For Your dog

Area Rug

Having dogs at home makes it challenging to find the right area rug to use. It is not merely about the pattern and color. It is vital to consider the safety of our pets and the durability of the carpet. Thus, it is essential to choose a material that can endure the muddy paws and the accidental pee and poop. It is challenging to make the right choice, but a comprehensive guide can make the search a lot easier.

Essential Features of Dog Rugs

The color and design of the rug is a personal choice. But we must keep in mind that most likely, our pet may bring dirt and mud onto the carpet. Dogs love to chew and tug anything. The mess may aggravate by the shedding of fur and unsightly flea eggs on the rugs. 

Thus, if you’re planning to purchase a dog rug, please remember some essential features.


The primary consideration is the material. It must be easy to clean and durable, such as the ones made of nylon and polypropylene. This material can trap dirt. That’s why it’s easy to clean through vacuuming. Avoid materials including viscose, seagrass, rayon, chenille, silk, hook, and loop. 

Backing material

Avoid buying a rug in which it glues the back. Any fluid or urine gets to soak into the glue, thus creating permanent unfavorable odor. If the backing material is latex, it quickly breaks down when soaked with urine. Ask for any recommendation for a rug with the right backing material.


We recommend buying a rug in which the size is enough for your dog to use. Otherwise, purchasing bigger ones can cause expensive replacements.


No dog rug is 100% stain-resistant. But you can find more stain-proof than others. A polypropylene rug is a good option because of its stain-resisting properties. It makes spot-cleaning easier.


It is more difficult to get rid of odors than stains, even after washing off the substance. Choose a heat-treated polypropylene rug that works best at resisting odors.  

Final Thoughts

Letting your dog use rugs can protect the carpets and hardwood floors. An area rug will also prevent our pet from an accidental slip caused by water spills. It will be easier to remove, and clean shed fur. The rug comforts dogs when the owners are not around.

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