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Why My Dog Coughs After Running Hard

Pet owners love watching their dogs run freely. Seeing your dog run and have fun makes you as an owner feel happiness as well. But have you ever noticed your pet coughing after running excitedly, or after running hard? You may be left worried or wondering. But why does this really happen?

People may experience coughing when they have a cold, or sometimes coughing can be as simple as clearing someone’s throat. However, persistent coughing or one that doesn’t go away can be an indication of something more serious. Just like in humans, this can also be the same for your pet dog. Coughing can signal underlying health issues that may or may not be serious.

Why Your Dog Coughs

Your dog may experience coughing or what can also be called hacking after running. This can simply be because of having something in the throat that has to be cleared, or it may even be something that just went “down the wrong pipe.” These are some of the common reasons why your dog may experience coughing after running.

However, as a pet owner, you should also be observant. This is because persistent coughing may sometimes be an indication of conditions such as tracheobronchitis or kennel cough. Exposure to allergens or bacteria can also cause viral infections, and this can be another cause for the coughing.

In some cases, it can also signal a much more serious issues or condition, which can be treated through medication or even vaccination.

Does Running Cause Coughing?


The thing is, your dog won’t really develop a coughing condition from running. However, running requires exerting effort, and it may cause your dog to worsen any conditions that it may already have. Nonetheless, the coughing after running is mainly just caused by a dog’s physical nature. Exercise will accelerate their bodies and make them feel excited. Sometimes, the coughing may just simply be because your dog might have just inhaled something that caused it.

If your dog already has a condition like bronchitis or kennel cough, then the coughing may just be because of these. After sometime, and after your dog has already had a bit of a rest, you should already see the coughing slowly going away, and your dog’s breathing already going back to normal.

What You Can Do

Generally, coughing after running isn’t really anything to worry about, and it should go away after some time. However, if your dog seems to be coughing frequently and if the coughing seems to be loud, then you might want to consult your veterinarian.

If your dog has a condition such as chronic bronchitis or kennel cough, then you may consult your veterinarian about the physical activities it can have along with the intensity of it. These types of problems are usually manageable. However, if your dog seems to have something stuck in its throat, and the coughing doesn’t seem to be ceasing, then you should examine your pet and bring it to the veterinarian right away.


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