Why Does My Dog Roll in Gross-Smelling Things?

Many pet owners will agree that their dog will tend to have a different perspective between what smells good and what doesn’t. Have you ever noticed your dog rolling around weird or bad smelling things? It can be anything repulsive, from manure, dirt, or any other thing that doesn’t smell good. As a pet owner, you’ve probably wondered why your dog keeps on doing this. Why does this happen? Although there isn’t exactly a specific explanation why dogs tend to roll on smelly things, there are some theories on why this happens. Take a look at these reasons below:

Scent Masking

One reason why your dog might like to roll on gross smelling things is dates back to their instinctual characteristics. Dogs in the past may have rolled in smelly items so that they could hide or mask their scent, enabling them to sneak up on their potential prey or meal. Animals tend to roll on their prey’s poop to mask their own scent, so that they won’t end up running away when they smell it. This is so that they don’t appear as a threat to their prey.

To Send Messages

Another explanation why dogs may tend to roll on smelly stuff may also be because it is also a means for them to communicate. Going back to their instinctual characteristics, and way before dogs became pets, most of them traveled in groups or packs. Many researchers believe that they roll on these things to communicate where they have been to the other dogs they are with. This can be their way of gathering information about a place, so that they can tell it to the others. This is their way of sharing the scent of the place where they’ve been to. Other animals like bees also do this as well, and it isn’t really anything new to animals.

Showing Off Their Scent

Another explanation is that dogs may simply be attracted to such odors. Similar to perfume on people, some dogs may feel that they’ve found a good smelling thing that’s why they are rolling on it. This also be their way of showing off a strong smell. Dogs ten to choose such things to roll on because those are what appeal to them and their nature.

What To Do About It

Sometimes pet owners you can’t just prevent their dog from rolling around smelly stuff. What you can do is to simply combat and get rid of the smell by proper and thorough bathing for your dog. Below are some ways on how you can get rid of the bad smell on your pet dog:

  • Use a strong and good shampoo that will neutralize the smell. If you can’t seem to get rid of strong smells or odors by using a shampoo, you can make a mix for your dog. Mix in hydrogen peroxide (use a small amount), baking soda (about a quarter of a cup), and liquid soap together and use it like the normal shampoo. Make sure that you avoid your dog’s eyes.
  • If your dog tends to roll on feces or manure, make sure that your yard is free from it, and other potentially smelly items as well.