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Best Dog Cologne Spray

Owning a dog means having a loyal companion by your side, but it can also mean having to deal with their stench and odor in-between trips to the groomer. Dog cologne spray is ideal to use if you want your pet to smell good. There are a few types of dog cologne spray that is safe to use on your pet to ensure they smell their best each day.

Andrew Boston, a dog enthusiast, says, “Using dog cologne spray is one of the main steps I take with grooming and caring for my German Shepherd to ensure he smells great and is pleasant to pet. The spray is helpful to use after he’s been at the dog park or has been rolling around in the mud.”

Best Dog Cologne Spray

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How to Find The Best Dog Cologne Spray For Your dog

Dog Cologne Spray

We know that dogs have a distinctive smell. Regardless of how often you bathe them, their unique odors can stand out. If the smell of your pet overpowers you, we recommend using a dog cologne spray.  We suggest using a cologne that offers both a pleasant smell and won’t affect your dog’s health.

How to Select a Safe Dog Cologne

As you want to ensure a good scent from your furry companion, do not forget safety! We recommend a scent not chemical-based because it can be harmful to you and your pet. 


Pick a dog cologne that has a calming scent, as it can relax both you and your dog. Veterinarians believe that certain smells could trigger or affect the behavior of the dog. Please consider some scents suitable for dogs listed below:

  • Lavender-It reduces nerves and keeps your pet in a calm condition. If your dog seems anxious, use a lavender cologne to ease their stress level.
  • Orange-The citrusy scent of orange can help improve digestive problems. It stimulates the lymphatic system and calms the stomach. Your dog can associate the smell with warmth and happiness.
  • Chamomile-The scent of chamomile can help ease impatience and irritability of your pet. It is a perfect choice when raising a puppy.
  • Cedar-If the smell of your canine is a problem along with ticks and fleas, try using a cologne with a cedar scent. It promotes mental focus necessary for your dog’s rehabilitation and training.

Some pet owners are hesitant to use cologne spray, understandably. If dog cologne comes in  paraben and alcohol-free formulas, it can be used safely on your pets. Also, consult with your veterinarian before using such pet products. Colognes can cause allergies to either the pet or owner, especially for those with sensitive skin. Follow the right technique for the safety of everyone.

Final Thoughts

When we talk about pet hygiene, we must not settle for less. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to love and care for them. Using a dog cologne spray will give your pet a desirable smell but make sure your cologne does not cause adverse reactions. Also, check if your pet is itching, sneezing, or having nasal discharge. If so, stop using the product. Choose non-allergenic pet products to ensure safety.

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