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The Best Pet Stain Remover

As most pet owners know, the stains and odors our pets leave behind can damage carpets and upholstery. These stains can be hard to remove, and the odor can be even more of a challenge to get rid of. Thankfully, there are products that can help you fight these stains and odors and get your clean and sweet-smelling life back.

“For most organic stains, something like an enzymatic cleaner can break them up, allowing you to then lift the stain with a surfactant (a surface active substance) or detergent-based cleaner. With acidic organic stains such as urine, it is necessary to neutralize them first with something like baking soda. In some cases, you can remove an odor while removing a stain but often it is necessary to remove the odor separately” (Dogster).

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From our team: When cleaning up after your pet we recommend wearing gloves. Harmful bacteria can be transferred from pet waste to humans. Also, be sure to use gloves with any carpet cleaning solvent.

Tips for Effective Removal of Pet Stains and Odors
The following tips offer a great starting point for dealing with some of the most common pet stains. Please note that these tips are meant for fresh stains that have not dried or sat for a long time before you try cleaning them:

Substance: Blood

It is fairly common as a dog or cat owner to find a drop or two of blood on the carpet now and then. Pets scratch and can injure themselves with their own claws or if you have multiple pets their play fighting can get out of hand at times. They can also get scratched while outside playing. Treat small scratches and cuts at home but call the vet if it seems bad. Once you are sure your pet is fine, it is time to tackle that blood stain on your carpet!

Process – With blood, you need to soak up as much of it as you can out of the fibers before the blood has time to dry and set into the carpet. Once you have blotted up as much as you can, treat the area with peroxide to lift additional blood particle out of the fibers. Blot away until it is fairly dry. Next, apply your enzymatic cleaner, let it sit, blot it and repeat. Blood has an odor too, especially to dogs and cats, to treat with an odor killer once the stain has been removed.

Substance: Urine

This is one of the most common stains we see in the homes of pet owners and it is also the single most difficult pet stain to remove. You will want to start tackling this stain as soon as possible because while urine can discolor carpet and fabrics it is the smell that will destroy your belongings. Avoid putting any heat on the stain as this will cause it to bind with the fibers and it will be even more difficult to remove the stain and get rid of that terrible smell.

Process – A good trick for absorbing urine from your dog or cat is to keep diapers or sanitation pads on hand. These both are made to be very absorbent and can help pull the urine out of your carpet or couch cushions. Don’t wipe it up as you will just spread the stain and smell. When the area is clean and dry, your work is not done yet because now you are going to need to treat with an odor control spray that will remove and mask the smell of urine.

Substance: Vomit

Vomit is one of the trickiest issues to deal with because it always seems to happen on the carpet and it is usually chunky and slimy. No one likes dealing with it but between your dog eating grass while they were outside to cats coughing up a hairball, it is going to happen and it is going to make a mess! There is a lingering odor, along with the stain so it is something that has to be dealt with. Pick up your favorite all-purpose cleaner for this and deal with the stain and the odor in one go.

Process It’s important to start right away with cleaning cat or dog vomit up as quickly as possible. It can stain and discolor fabric, wood, and tile and once it has dried it is even harder to get off hard surfaces and out of fabric fibers. You can apply sawdust to the pile to absorb everything and help it stick together easier so it is easier to clean up and so the odor doesn’t sink into the fibers as much either. Once it is clean you can use a stain remover and odor treatment as needed to finish.

Substance: Feces

Feces is common, especially with puppies and kittens who are learning to be house trained and litter box trained. While it is common, this actually is the most dangerous of the substances that can come from your pets. This is due to the large number of germs it leaves behind and the very real chance there is of getting sick from contact with the feces. It is important to wear gloves and wash your hands well after cleaning up any sort of feces.

Process – Using a strong plastic bag while wearing your gloves, scoop up as much of the solid feces as you can. If there is liquid with it as well, cover what remains with sawdust or baking soda and then throw it away once it solidifies. Using a gentle scrubbing motion, clean the area with a sponge and soapy water. Once the majority of the gunk has been removed you can them begin treating with the stain remover and odor fighter of your choice.

A Note About Safety and Storage

Keep Safely Secured

It should go without saying but it has to be said: keep all pet stain and odor fighting products securely locked away where pets and children cannot get into them. The best option is in a hard-to-reach place but if you store them under the sink make sure the cabinets are securely locked and monitored.

Follow All Label Directions

Make sure you take time to read the label each and every time you go to use your chosen product. Even if you have used it before read through everything again to make sure you are not forgetting something. Follow all directions and remember it is against the law to use a product in any way not outlined in its product details.

Do a Test Area First

Many people complain that some of the pet stain and odor control products available end up staining materials. The best way to avoid this issue is to do a test first on a small area of what you are going to use the product on. You can see if there is any reaction and avoid possibly damaging your carpet or couch.