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To Rescue a Dog or Purchase from a Breeder?

If you have decided to get yourself a pet dog, then you may be torn about whether you should purchase from a breeder or adopt one from a shelter. This can be an important decision that will have an effect on you as an owner. But what is the difference between buying a dog from a breeder from rescuing one? If you are still undecided, below is a list of things to consider, along with some pros and cons of rescuing and purchasing a dog:

Rescuing a Dog

There is this notion that rescuing a dog from the shelter already comes with the animal having pre-existing traits or behaviors. Some may be scared of getting a pet dog from the shelter because they think that it will have issues with behavior. However, many people don’t know that not all shelter dogs are like that. Here are some reasons why adopting from a shelter can be a great option!

  1. Saves an Animal – if you rescue a dog from a shelter, this will make another space available for another dog that can be adopted or saved. Plus, you’re potentially saving the life of your new pet.
  2. Veterinary Care – Generally, depending on the age of the dog, most animals from a shelter will have already been given most (if not all) their shots or vaccines. A veterinarian has also most likely checked the animal as well, and it may have already been spayed or neutered.
  3. Background – You can also be briefed or be informed about a dog’s background or personality if you are rescuing one from a shelter. This way, you will already know what to expect when you bring your dog home.
  4. Training – Most shelter dogs or rescue dogs will have also been already potty-trained, so you won’t have to worry about it, helping you save a lot of time and effort.
  5. Costs – Adopting a dog or rescuing one will cost less, compared to buying one from a breeder.
  6. Breed – While a lot of rescue dogs are mixed breeds or mutts, there are many owners who have purebred dogs and have to surrender them to a shelter for one reason or another. There are also many rescue organizations that focus on specific dog breeds.
  7. Less Chance for Health Issues/Problems – Shelter dogs are often mixed breeds, and there is actually a lower chance for them to have health issues compared to purebred dogs.

Purchasing from a Breeder

If you want to buy from a breeder, there are also some important things to keep in mind. You need to make sure that you choose a reliable and trustworthy breeder. The breeder should be responsible, and not just someone who wants to make quick money. They should have a good reputation, and they must value the reputation that they have. Below are some other things to know about if you plan on buying from a breeder:

  1. The Parents – Buying a dog from a breeder will allow you to see its parents, and it can help give you an idea about how your puppy will look when it reaches adulthood. It can also give you an idea about what kind of environment your puppy or dog was raised in.
  2. Options for Health Testing – If you are buying from a reputable breeder, you can opt for genetic health testing to make sure that your dog will not be prone to inheriting any genetic complications or problems.
  3. The Right Breed – Buying from a breeder also allows you to be informed of the type of dog that you will be having.
  4. Opportunity for Molding – You will have the responsibility of training your puppy, and molding it as is turns into an adult.
  5. Costs – Buying a puppy from a breeder can be quite expensive. You will also be the one to take it to the veterinarian to get its shots.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope that you are excited about bringing your new dog home and having him or her become a valuable member of your family!


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