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Jobs You Can Give Your Dog

Canines have long been called “man’s best friend,” and for good reason: they have been the trustworthy and loyal companions of humans for thousands of years. They offer comfort and support, they love to play, and they can also help out with a multitude of tasks. In fact, many dogs thrive on working, like those that are a part of the working class. No, they don’t wear suits, sit in rush hour traffic, and punch a clock; however, they do have very important jobs to do. For the most part, dogs of the working class (think Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Cane Corso, Doberman Pinscher, Boxer, Bernese Mountain Dog, Alaskan Malamute, and Saint Bernard) aren’t happy unless they are serving a purpose. Even dogs that aren’t a member of the working class are more fulfilled when they are tasked with a job.

Working helps dogs feel useful, it keeps them occupied, satisfies their innate instinct to serve and/or protect, keeps their minds active, and prevents them from getting into mischief and even depressed. Plus, dogs that have jobs to do are usually in better physical shape than their couch potato counterparts.

So, with all of that said, what type of jobs can give your dog? Here’s a look at some of the helpful ways that canines can serve you and their community.

Help with the Laundry

To you, the laundry might seem like a tedious task; but to your dog, the laundry can be an exciting adventure. You can actually teach your pooch how to help you sort through the laundry! Many breeds are extremely intelligent and can sort laundry based on scent and even color (however, do keep in mind that canines are partially colorblind, so they might not be able to distinguish between certain colors, like red and pink).

Bring in the Mail

Your pooch will love performing the task of bringing in the mail on a daily basis. Teach him how to reach the mailbox, open it up, and pull out the paper, magazines, and even the bills. As soon as he hears the mailman (or woman) arrive his ears will perk up and he’ll eagerly run to fetch you the mail.

Clean Up

Cleaning up is another highly useful job that your dog can do around the house. With training and patience, you can teach your four-legged pal how to pick up his toys, your kids’ toys, socks, shoes, and even trash! You’ll love that you won’t have to bend over and pick stuff up as much, and your pooch will love that he is providing his best friend with a very valuable service.

Shut Doors

Shutting a door on your own isn’t necessarily a difficult task; in fact, you probably do it several times a day without even thinking about it. But to your dog, shutting a door can seem like a hugely important responsibility, which will make him profoundly happy.

Teach him how to shut the exterior doors to your house, as well as the interior doors (closets, pantries, etc). He can also learn how to close refrigerator and freezer doors, cabinet doors, and any other door in your house.

Bring Your (Insert Item)

Another great job that your furry friend can do is bringing you something; anything, really! As we’ve mentioned, dogs love to feel purposeful. He’ll definitely feel like he has a purpose and that he is serving his best friend when he’s bringing you something that you need; your slippers, the paper, your briefcase… just about anything that you need!

Giving your dog a job doesn’t necessarily mean having him fill the position that he was breed to do (herding, searching, retrieving waterfowl, etc); there are dozens of jobs that you can give him that will benefit you, other people, and most importantly, your canine companion.


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