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Hunting with a Dog

Going hunting with your dog can be one of the most fulfilling sports for enthusiasts. Dogs can help you track various types of animals, and at the same time keep you company. They can be great helpers in your hunting pursuits. However, training your dog how to hunt isn’t really the easiest task. Your dog needs to be prepared to face the battles during the hunting season. Below are some tips to take note of if you are planning on taking your dog hunting:

Take Note of Your Dog’s Weight

Many dog pet owners may not notice it, but they might be letting their dogs put on excess weight right just when hunting season is about to begin. If you are planning on taking your dog hunting, you can adjust their diet before the season for hunting begins. Consult your veterinarian on how you can prepare your dog for hunting.

Exercise and Training

In order to prepare your dog for hunting, you should also make sure that it undergoes the necessary exercise and training as well. Hunting isn’t an easy task so your dog must be in top shape so that it can deal with the weather conditions or situations during the hunting activities.

As for training your dog, make sure that it knows how to follow your basic commands such as sit, stay and come. This will help them understand better, and be able to determine right and wrong behavior. You can practice rewarding them and praising them. Use treats. As you train your dog, you will be able to gain their loyalty and make them feel happy at the same time.

Help Them Get Used to Nature

Another way to prepare your dog for hunting is to train it to get used to nature. Take it to long walks while it’s young and go on nature trails to help it get used to exercise and the routine of going out and experiencing nature.

You will also need to train your dog to get used to being exposed to water as well. Water is part of hunting, and you need to train your dog to enjoy it. You need your dog to be able to pass through rivers and streams while you hunt. To help train it, you can install a pond or small water wading pool in your backyard to help your dog get used to it and introduce him to the thought of water.

Think About Safety

You should also make sure that your dog is safe during hunting. They might accidentally roam the path of hunters without you noticing, and this may put them at risk. Make your dog wear a vest and a collar that can be easily identified by other fellow hunters.


Practice with your dog as well. Consider spreading out a set of decoys or a stuffed animal with the same scent as the animal that your dog needs to retrieve. Practice fetch with your dog until they understand the concept of hunting.



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