Commands Your Dog Needs to Know

Our pet dogs bring so much happiness in your lives as their owners. We benefit from their loyalty and love. However, underneath these characteristics, dog will still be dogs. As an owner, your may find your dog barking loudly, running intensely, or sometimes even doing mischievous things such as sneaking food and making a mess!

To avoid these things, training your dog is essential. Obedience training will help improve the overall behavior of your dog, and this will also help keep them away from risk of being harmed. It is therefore important to teach your dog certain commands so that they can be properly trained. But where should you start? If you are wondering about how you can train your dog to become well behaved and keep them away from harm, below are some of the commands that they should know. You can start from these:

The Sit Command

This is probably the first command that most pet owners teach their dogs. It may seem simple, but it proves to be quite useful. You can use this when you want to put on the dog leash if you want to take it for a walk, before giving him something, and many others. Basically, it’s a way for your dog to say please. You can also use this to stop your dog from jumping around. This can also help relax them as well. It is regarded as an important foundation for learning other commands. You can practice this command by asking your dog to do it and giving treats whenever it manages to follow your instructions.

Asking Your Dog To Come Back

The word come is another important command that your dog needs to learn. You can use this in situations whenever your dog needs to come back to you. Teaching this command successfully to your dog will enable him to run back to you even if there are other distractions that may be present. While it may be hard to teach, it proves to be useful in crucial situations. It may even save your dog’s life! You can teach this by having some treats with you, and asking your dog to follow or chase you.

The Stay Command

Teaching your dog the stay command can also give you tremendous help when it comes to handling your pet dog. You can use these during emergencies when you need your dog to stay put, after seeing that it wants to run off or chase something.

Leave It or Drop It

This command is also a useful one, because you can use this whenever your dog has picked up something that it shouldn’t have! You can teach this during the game of fetch, whenever your dog doesn’t seem to want to drop the ball or toy. Teaching your dog this command can also potentially save your dog from a harmful situation. For example, if it has picked up something poisonous, or something that can harm him, then you can easily tell your dog to drop the item.

The Heel Command

This command teaches your dog to walk beside you, and proves to be useful in situations whenever you need your dog to be near you. This works well in public or crowded areas where you don’t want to lose sight of your pet.