How to Approach Your Landlord About Getting a Dog

Looking for a property or an apartment to rent? Finding a good one can be tough, especially if you have a dog with you. If you are planning on getting a pet in your current apartment, that chances of it being allowed are quite low too. This is because a lot of landlords tend to prohibit their tenants from having pets in their apartment. While renting a property or an apartment while having a pet, don’t really go together, there might actually be a chance for you to convince your landlord about getting a dog.

Dogs easily become part of their owner’s families, because they bring in love and loyalty, along with happiness and entertainment. However, as hard as it may be to convince your landlord about getting a dog, there might actually a way to approach them. Take a look at the following strategies on how you can approach your landlord and convince him or her about allowing dogs in their property:

1. Show That You Are Credible And Responsible

The first step in asking your landlord to allow you to bring in a dog into your apartment or property is the show him or her that you are credible and responsible. If you are applying for a new property, show the landlord that you have a good credit history. You may want to include references such as previous landlords. Also look for proof showing that you pay the rent on time. If your previous landlord allowed pets in their property, then maybe you can ask him or her to vouch for you and your pet.

On the other hand, if you are already renting, you can show responsibility by paying your rent and bills on time, making sure that your area stays clean, and keeping the noise to the minimum. Make sure that your neighbors don’t have any complaints about you, be polite to everyone.

2. Have A Veterinarian

Veterinary records of your pet dog are also vital in convincing your landlord to let your dog stay in your apartment. Show your current or potential landlord that your pet has gotten all its vaccinations, and that your dog is healthy as well. If necessary, you may even obtain a license for your pet as well. Allow your landlord to contact your veterinarian for confirmation as well.

3. Have A Resume For Your Dog Too

To allow your current or future landlord to get to know your pet, you can also try to make a resume for your dog as well. The resume may contain pictures, breed information, and other interesting things about your pet such as hobbies, and most importantly, things like training on obedience and behavior.

4. Let The Landlord Meet Your Pet

Another important thing you can do is to allow your landlord meet your pet, dog, or the dog that you are planning to adopt. You can put your dog on a pet carrier or harness and/or leash. Remember to ask your landlord where he or she wants to meet, and allow them to becomefamiliar with one another. If your pet is friendly and if it behaves well, then you might just convince your landlord on the spot.

5. Listen To and Recognize Your Landlord’s Concerns

It is also important to take note of and listen to your landlord’s concerns, especially when it comes to damage to property and other disturbances. Make sure that you address such concerns, and reassure your landlord that you will be responsible if any damages shall occur. You can even have it written in an agreement. At the end of the day, it is important to make sure that your landlord will have peace of mind that you will be doing your part correctly.

6. Be Prepared To Negotiate And Pay

In the event that your landlord allows you to have a pet, you should be prepared to pay an increased deposit, or even an additional monthly rate for your rent.

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