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Apps Every Dog Owner Should Have

Owning a dog used to be so simple in the past. You just love them and care for them, and that’s it. But now, there are so many apps for dog parents that definitely replace your game apps.

Pet First Aid

American Red Cross created this Pet First Aid app, and this is a very helpful app that provides authentic veterinary advice concerning dog emergencies. Of course, this app is not built to replace veterinary consultation in person, but this app can help you provide first aid in case your dog has an emergency.

iClicker – Free Dog Training Clicker

This amazing app is available on iPads and iPhones, and it is an efficient app to train your beloved dog. This is especially perfect for disobedient dogs, to battle behavioral issues, and teach your pooch some tricks. iClicker app contains 32 YouTube videos and nine clicker tutorials to help you navigate the app, as well as a Noise Box that includes 48 divergent sounds.

APCC (ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

This app is a huge help when your dog accidentally swallowed poisonous substances. You will know what to do in case of emergency poisoning, and if it’s time to go to the vet.


The PetCoach is an app where you can find 24/7 support in case you need advice about your dog’s nutrition, health, training, or any other concerns as a pet parent. This app has animal nutritionists, dog trainers, certified veterinarians, and other animal experts who are available anytime to give you peace of mind when you have questions or doubts about your poet parenting.

Pet Care Services Finder

This app is the perfect solution when you are looking for any services for your dog, such as a dog supply store, a vet, a groomer, a dog park, and other services that are near you. You can get important contact information, as well as call the service provider using the app.


This engaging app is designed to catch the attention of your pooch in order for you to get beautiful photos that are modeling-worthy. As a pet stage parent, you can take remarkable pictures with your dog and share them on social media.


iKibble is the perfect app for finding the best foods for your dog. You can search different kinds of food and find out if the foods are safe for your dog to eat. It also provides health ratings, feeding instruction, preparation, and health benefits.


Planning a vacation with your dog is now possible without any hassle through the BringFido app. This app lets you find hotels, restaurants, parks, and other facilities that allow pets to accompany their parents. You no longer have to scavenge the internet for the right places to stay with your pooch, and certainly no need to leave your dog behind.


This amazing app utilizes your phone’s GPS to record your walk times with your dog. This app allows you to track your favored route, pinpoint the areas where your pooch likes to pee or poop, and you can also share real-time photos with other users.


This dog management app allows you to keep your precious pet’s information such as family tree, vaccinations, lab test results, prescription information, and many more. 


The relaxation tunes provided by this app includes a high-pitched frequency that is undetected by humans, but are greatly helpful for dogs. By playing this app, your pup can sleep better, bask in relaxation, anxiety is reduced, and adapt easily to new surroundings.

Squeaky Toy Sounds

This virtual-style non-stop squeaky toy is great for keeping your pooch occupied while you’re busy, and it can also be used to distract your dog from barking. You can further use this app I your dog training.

Finding Rover

This life-saving app is designed for dog parents so they can use facial recognition to search for their missing dog. This app can also be utilized by uploading photos of stray or lost dogs so their family can find them.


This app is great for your dog to meet new friends, or go on a date. You just need to “mark your territory” on the app so other do parents within 200 miles radius will see where you are, and bring their dog to you for a play date.


There is no worst feeling than losing a dog. Always be sure to track your dog by purchasing a Tagg Tracker and connect it to your dog’s collar. Then download the Tagg app so you will know where your pooch is all the time.


If you need to go on a business trip and is apprehensive of leaving your canine friend in a kennel, then you can definitely benefit from this app. DogVacay will send a reliable and trustworthy dog sitter to be with your dog, and provide you updates every day. 

Dogo – Dog Tricks & Commands

This app is amazing when you are training your pooch. Your dog can learn dog tricks easily as well as learn a couple of commands and how to follow your demands.


Whistle is highly advantageous if your dog loves to run around the neighborhood. You will have access to information about your dog’s whereabouts through the separately sold tracker.


This app enables you to find a dog park and other venues that are friendly to dogs. This app contains more than 20,000 dog parks all over the country, and you can get directions for each dog park. You can also use this app to check if there are rest rooms for humans as well.

Scout for Pets

This app makes your communication with your dog sitter or walker seamless. You have visibility on the comings and goings of your dog caregiver, and take care of your schedule.

All Trails

This app contains the largest trail maps collection for your daily bonding with your dog. With more than 50,000 trails listed, you surely have a lot of options for your walk.

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