Allergies and Your Dog

Unfortunately, some dogs do suffer from allergies, whether seasonal or a new allergic reaction to fleas or grass in a new area they have explored. Here are some ways to spot an allergic reaction and ways to treat your pet and keep them from the discomfort of scratching their skin raw.

Colds and the Canine Flu

We all dread the winter colds that come during the cooler months of the year, or that random summer cold you get once in a blue moon that has you blowing your nose for two weeks and ruins your Fourth of July plans. Colds are an annoying common occurrence in humans, but can your dog catch a cold?

Caring for Your Dog in the Winter

The cold weather has most of us uncomfortable, shivering, and suffering from various illnesses. While many of us know how to keep ourselves and our children warm, we also want to do the same for our dogs.