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Allergies, weather, or too much time spent out in the sun can all cause your dog’s nose to become dry and cracked, which is unpleasant for both your furry best friend and yourself after a little while. If this is left untreated, dogs begin to scratch and bite at the affected areas, further agitating the irritated skin to the point of bleeding and/or infection, which is not good. But there’s no need to worry, because there’s an easy solution – nose balms. Don’t let the name fool you – while these balms were designed with nose lubrication in mind, they’re also perfect for the pads of your dog’s paws and their elbows. These balms are often fast acting and provide relief for your dog within hours.

Best Dog Nose Balm

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Best Nose Balm for Dogs

Best Dog Nose Balm

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If your dog is suffering from dry paws, elbows, or nose, then you most definitely need to get a nose balm for them, stat! These dry areas can cause acute discomfort with your dog, which may lead to further damage or infection if they continue to pick at them. This is the same for humans who scratch at their dry skin too much. But never fear, DogGear is here to get you and your dog in the clear. Just take a quick two-minute survey and we’ll have you matched up with the perfect product to combat all of those dry skin problems and have your dog back to their playful and loving selves in no time.

Best Dog Nose Balm

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To find the best dog nose balm, select to begin by breed or by size

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