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Best Wipes For Dogs

Dogs are prone to making messes or having accidents, which makes it necessary to have wipes on hand to keep them clean. Dog wipes are designed to be safe to use on their skin and often work well in thoroughly removing dirt and grime. There are a few wipes for dogs to consider using to quickly clean their body and provide a higher level of care.

Dr. Jarett Gilpin says, “Dog wipes have significantly improved in recent years in that they’re easier to use and are less prone to tearing. I recommend having them available when you head out on a walk or are spending time at the park.”

Best Wipes For Dogs

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How to Find The Best Wipes For Dogs For Your dog


If your dog constantly makes a mess that stains its fur or other parts of its body, a pack of wipes is handy for any situation. Most pet parents use regular wipes on their dogs, but our experts have found out that it can be dangerous to your pets. Human wipes have a fair amount of alcohol in its composition which can be toxic to dogs. Fortunately, there are dog wipes that are specially formulated for your pet’s sensitive skin.

Types of Dog Wipes

  •       Grooming Wipes

Grooming wipes are the most popular type of dog wipes because these can be used for the most common uses like cleaning your dog’s backside and paws whenever it does its business. These are also used for cleaning dirt off your dog’s fur. Grooming wipes are a must-have for any pet parent because these are handy when you’re often outside.

  •       Hypoallergenic Wipes

Hypoallergenic wipes are ideal if your dog is easily irritated by inorganic material or if it is suffering from any allergy or irritable skin infections. Hypoallergenic wipes have antibacterial properties that will eliminate bacteria, yeast, molds, and other microorganisms commonly found outside. These are recommended for pups and elderly dogs.

  •       Dental Wipes

Dental wipes are for dogs who don’t like to get their teeth brushed. These are made with ingredients capable of removing plaque and other bacteria in your dog’s mouth. You only need to rub it against your dog’s teeth which is an easier task than using a toothbrush. Dental wipes have natural scents like aloe and mint to keep your dog’s mouth fresh and clean.

Factors to Consider 

  •       Material

Since the wipes will have access to different parts of your dog’s body, it is important to make sure that the ingredients in your dog wipes are free from harmful chemicals and strong fragrances. Watch out for alcohol, parabens, and phthalates because these can irritate your dog’s skin and eyes.

  •       Dog’s Sensitivity

Some dogs get easily irritated when their bodies come in contact with any foreign material. Aside from hypoallergenic ones, most dog wipes are made with potentially allergy-inducing ingredients. Fruity odors and other strong-smelling wipes can also irritate your dog’s fur and skin. We recommend getting unscented dog wipes if your dog shows signs of allergies towards scented products.

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