The Essential Commands Your Dog Needs To Know

If you decide to train your dog yourself, you need to know which commands to work on first. There are some essential commands which will make life with your pet a lot easier. However, it is important to remember that you need to be patient and regular when it comes to teaching these commands.

Watch Me

The first command you should teach your dog is the watch me command. This command is used to get your dog’s attention and will help when teaching the other commands. You will need to have a treat ready for your dog when you teach this command.

To start, you should maintain eye contact with your pet. You should then offer the treat in your hand to your dog. When they reach for it, move your hand from the dog’s nose to your face. When your dog is watching you, give the command.

This process will need to be repeated several times each day until your dog responds without the treat. The treat should only be provided as a reward when the action is done correctly.


This is a command that everyone knows they should be teaching to their dog. There are a few ways that you can teach your dog this command. One of the best will be to use a treat to lure them into the correct position.

Place the treat close to your dog’s nose so they can smell it better. You then need to move the treat up and your dog will follow. When they reach a sitting position, you need to give the sit command. After giving the command, you can give the dog the treat before repeating the exercise.

The sit command is more important than most people realize. This command can help to stop annoying behaviors and stop your dog from getting into trouble when you are out and about. To release your dog from this command, you should use either okay or break.


After sit, this is the most commonly known command. You will need to teach your pet the sit command before you attempt this one. Once the dog is in a seated position, you need to place a treat close to their nose.

You should then state the stay command before taking a few steps back. If your dog stays where they are, you can reward them with the treat. However, if they follow you as you move, you need to firmly say no and then move a few steps back. This will help your pet determine when they are doing something right and when they are getting it wrong.


When you take your dog for a walk, you will want them to walk beside you and this command will help with that. This is due to the fact that the heel command teaches your dog to behave when they are next to you. When your dog has fully learned this command, they will follow you even when they are off their leash.

To start training, you need to hold their leash in your right hand and pull it on the left side while you walk. At some point, you need to give the sit command then give the heel command when they are seated. You should then take a few steps and keep a treat in your left hand. When you stop for a break, you need to move the treat upwards and the dog will sit which is when you give the heel command and the treat.

There are a lot of different commands that your dog needs to learn. However, certain commands are considered more important as they help you train your dog and provide the basis for further commands.