Discover the Best Wet Dog Food For Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Wet Dog Food For Your Pup

Have you thought properly about your dog’s food? If not – and you’re currently just relying on whatever you found on the shelf first at your local food store – then it’s high time that you had a proper think about the different options and what they can each offer for your pup. The thing is, proper nutrition can make all the difference to your dog’s lifespan, as well as to their quality of life during that time. Something as simple as a food that contains a source of lutein or vitamin A can help to prevent cataracts that might otherwise leave your dog blind. Likewise, avoiding foods that contain too much sugar can help to prevent the onset of diabetes – which is no fun at all for a dog. Getting enough calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, can all help to prevent joint and bone problems that often serve as the start of a downhill slide for older dogs. And antioxidants can meanwhile keep your dog looking and acting spry well into old age! All these things are very important to consider, so here are some of the best dog foods to suit any type of dog. Note that in this post we’re looking specifically at wet food – food that more closely mimics the kinds of gravy-glazed meals that we eat on a Sunday lunch!

Before you dive into our recommendations, determine whether your pup is small, medium, or large by DogGear standards:

Our wet food choices for small dogs are first, while our picks for medium and large dogs are further down the page. You can also take our quiz to get a food recommendation based on your dog’s needs and our time spent researching dry dog food, wet dog food, and every dog food in between!