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Best Urine And Odor Eliminator For Dog

Anyone who owns dogs is familiar with how often accidents can occur and how quickly some pieces of furniture can start to smell due to the pet’s oils. Eliminating the odors is necessary to keep the home smelling fresh and clean to ensure it’s habitable. There are a few urine and odor eliminators to consider using to thoroughly cleanse the space and prevent the problem from persisting with pets in the home.

Dr. Cheryl Hart, a dog boarder, says, “Urine and odor eliminators are formulated to kill bacteria and the source and prevent the smells from returning. It’s important to liberally apply the cleaner to ensure it cleanses the surface.”

Best Urine And Odor Eliminator

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How to Find The Best Urine And Odor Eliminator For Your dog


If you have pets in your home, there is an inevitable distinct pet odor that will linger in your household. You might be able to get used to it after a long time, but for first-time guests, it can be unsettling. While air fresheners might be capable of hiding the smelly odors, they will not last for more than an hour and they also have ingredients that are potential hazards to your family and your pets. Odor eliminators are the best option for eradicating nasty smells for good.


  •       Spray

This is the most common formulation of an odor eliminator. You just have to spray it on the area where there is a mess and it neutralizes odor, especially from pet urine. It is ideal to use in large rooms or on specific objects in the house such as curtains, cabinets, and other furniture. It comes in small refillable bottles or in gallon containers.

  •       Air Purifier

Air purifiers are the most effective at eliminating general types of odors for large areas. These are built the same way as humidifiers, but with a suction device that filters the unpleasant smell from the air and a fan that will dispel clean and neutralized air. Some air purifiers come with added fragrance for a better smelling air.

  •       Packet

Packet odor eliminators work by placing them near the foul-smelling area by extracting the molecules from the foul smells in the atmosphere. Depending on the level of stench, these must be disposed of properly after a few uses, but most packet odor removers are reusable for a couple of times for up to two years.

What to Look For

  •       Pet Safe Ingredients

If you need a strong odor eliminator for constant use, you probably have at least one dog or cat that will want to sniff and lick your product. Most contents of an odor eliminator have active ingredients that should neutralize all foul smells, but there are also some products that use ingredients usually found in air fresheners and these should be avoided. Odor masking ingredients are usually made from toxic chemicals that may cause harm to you and your pets. We recommend looking for nontoxic organic ingredients such as lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood. If you want a scented odor eliminator, choose ingredients that will freshen your home spaces, but are still safe to use such as eucalyptus, lavender, citrus, and other natural scents.

  •       Stain Remover

Your furry friends can be trained to relieve themselves outside, but there some pets who just can’t or won’t do their business outside because they already have their own spot inside your home. It’s hard to remove odor from your pet’s poop and pee especially if your pet likes a certain spot, your floors and furniture will definitely have a stain. There are spray-on odor eliminators that have bio-enzymatic ingredients designed to remove odor and stain from different types of materials. These ingredients break down the stain so you can easily wash or wipe the spot off.

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