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The Best Small Dog Bowls

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There are tons of different kinds of dog bowls to pick from, so it can be intimidating when you’re trying to decide what is right for you. Never fear; we have put together a list of our favorite dog bowls for small dogs.

Best Small Dog Bowls

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Feeding tips for small dogs 

Each dog is different when it comes to their dietary needs and how much food they should be eating. For smaller dogs, like puppies or toy breeds, it’s important for them to get enough nutrients to ensure they can continue to grow and develop. Here are a few of the top feeding tips to follow if you have a small dog in your care to help them maintain a healthy diet.

Moderate Your Dog’s Portion Sizes

Smaller dogs have smaller stomachs and should be fed accordingly. This makes it necessary to choose a small dog bowl. Small dog bowls will allow you to control how much food is served with each meal. Your dog eating too much can lead to weight gain and health problems, making it necessary to moderate their portions. Read the back of each food package to determine how much food is appropriate to feed your pet for their specific weight and size. Avoid feeding your dog more food, even if they beg for another serving. You can also ask the vet how many calories they should be consuming daily.

It’s also necessary to check the size of the kibble served in the bowl because smaller dogs have smaller throats compared to larger breeds. Their teeth may also have difficulty chewing on larger pieces. 

Place the Small Dog Bowl in the Right Location

When using a small dog bowl, the location of where it’s placed will determine how much your dog gravitates towards the food. Put the bowl in an unoccupied area away from other pets or residents. Consider placing it in a corner where your dog can feel safe and at ease as they eat. Keeping the bowl out of high traffic areas will also prevent spills or messes from occurring as people walk by.

Serve Multiple Meals Each Day

Use the same dog bowl each day to ensure the pet knows when it’s time to eat and feels comfortable with the product used. Small dogs or puppies should eat three to four times each day with ¾ cup of puppy food. Smaller food portions are easier to digest and can prevent their energy levels from fluctuating so much. 

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