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Managing kitchen trash cans is often a challenge for pet owners. If the dogs aren’t trying to get into the can by flipping the lid or knocking it over, the cats may be underfoot while you’re trying to take the trash out and replace the bag. Finding a kitchen trash can that keeps pets safely away from harmful waste while still controlling odors and looking nice is a tall order. We found these top-rated kitchen trash cans are worth consideration.

“Keeping pets safe at home is one of the most important things you can do for them.”

Best kitchen trash can

the scoop

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Best kitchen trash can

the scoop

pros and cons

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Trash cans are essential tools to maintain the cleanliness in your house. You should have at least one trash can per room for proper segregation of wastes to avoid cross-contamination. The most important trash can in your house is the one located in your kitchen because this area garners the most potentially harmful waste in your home. Buying a high-quality kitchen trash can is a great investment, but first you need to be informed of the different types and designs of kitchen trash cans.


  •       Plastic

This is the most practical choice when choosing trash can material. It is made up of readily available materials such as resin and polyethylene, making it affordable but durable. Plastic trash cans are great for kitchen use because these are light enough to be moved around and still sturdy enough to withstand minor scratches and dents. Additionally, this type of trash can is very easy to clean. The only drawback to using a plastic trash can for kitchen use is that the design and style can be pretty basic so it will stand out in an elegantly styled kitchen.

  •       Metal

Metal trash cans give off a clean and stylish appearance that can accentuate any setting. These are more durable than plastic trash cans especially for models with movable parts. Metal will not wear out with the constant mechanism of opening and closing, unlike plastic. This type of trash can also withstand hot wastes, but any scratches will easily show.

Factors to Consider 

  •       Shape

The shape of your kitchen trash can will depend on your preference, the position of the appliances, and the space available in your kitchen. There are many shapes available in the market. A half-round trash can is ideal for a cramped kitchen. A rectangular and square trash can also save space because it can be easily placed on the side. A round and oval trash will give the area a classic style.

  •       Design

There are many trash can designs to choose from so the first thing you need to do when selecting a design is to determine which styles to avoid when looking for a kitchen trash can. Of course, you would want to avoid trash cans with no lids because aside from being unpleasant to the eye, your food will also be exposed to the bacteria in your trash can. Swing top lids are also not ideal for kitchen use. This trash can is designed to swing open when you push one side of the lid. When your trash can is almost full, your trash might get scooped up on the other side when you push the top. The best trash can for kitchen use is foot pedal designs and automatic lids because there is no need to touch the lid to open the can, leaving your hands free from contamination.

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