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Best Floor Cleaner for Dog Parents

Part of owning a dog is cleaning up after them. Of all the chores you will have to do during your regular ritual of cleaning up after them, spending time getting your floors spick and span enough to eat off of will often be one of the most time consuming ones. This is because your floors take up a significant amount of area in your living space, and one can only cover so much ground in a certain amount of time.

We know you want to get your floors cleaned up as effectively and quickly as possible, and that is why we spent some serious time trying out different products so that we could help you find the best floor cleaner for dog messes on the market right now. After some extensive independent inquiries were all said and done, we came to the conclusion that Mr. Clean with Febreeze was our Top Pick, with Lysol Clean and Fresh Multi Surface Cleaner taking Honorable Mention and Aunt Fannie’s Vinegar Floor Cleaner with Eucalyptus walked away with our Green Pick for this category.

But we didn’t just give these designations out at random, right? So what criteria did we use to determine what products worked and which ones didn’t? That’s a great question, and it is one we are happy that you asked. To that end, we will go into more detail below about how we ultimately came to our final conclusions about the best floor cleaners available.

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We wanted our review process to be transparent and easy to follow along with for both our readers and our actual review staff, so we decided to break the grading criteria down into three simple categories: power, appearance, and odor. We will take a few moments to explain these categories in greater detail below:

Power: Where this category is concerned, our primary focus was making sure that you did not have to use a large amount of formula to get your dog’s mess cleaned up the first try. Floors take up a lot of space, so having to spend a lot on floor cleaner would add up very quickly over time. If the formula was not concentrated and required a significant amount of the bottle to be used in one sitting, we lowered the score of the product in this category.

In the interest of full transparency, we will state that we weighed this category far more heavily than the other two because we felt that it was easily the most important of the three criteria which we chose to grade on.

Application: For this category, we were mainly focused on how easy it was to apply and use the product in order to clean the floors, as well as the quality of the packaging in which the product arrived. If the product was in any, way, shape, or form difficult to use, if the instructions were hard to follow, or if the packaging arrived in a damaged or otherwise defective state, than we lowered the score of the product in this category.

Odor: Cleaning the floors in your home or apartment area is already an unpleasant enough experience on its own as it currently stands. The last thing you need is to realize that a repungent odor is affecting your dog. That is why we used our noses to take notes on how good the cleaner smelled and how dogs reacted to it while we were using it.

If the floor cleaner had a bad smell at any time during its usage in one of our specialized trials, we lowered the score of the product in that category during our final evaluations and adjusted accordingly.

Tips for Effective Floor Cleaning

Simply follow the instructions on the back of the bottle and dilute the chemical with some water in either a spray bottle or a bucket. Use a mop, sponge, or rag to apply the chemical to the floors in your home, and make sure to thoroughly rinse upon completion of the cleaning, especially if you have small children or pets in the home or apartment.

A Note About Safety and Storage

Despite the fact that many of these floor cleaners are designed to be environmentally friendly and pet (and child) safe, they are still not safe to consume in any fashion. To prevent a case of accidental poisoning, store these products on a high shelf or in a cabinet where they cannot be easily accessed. Also, the packaging can become damaged if they are stored in a place with a lot of humidity, so store these floor cleaners in a cool area that maintains a consistent temperature throughout the year.

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