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Best Febreeze Air Freshener For Dog

Foul-smelling air is not only off-putting, but it can also affect one’s mood, productiveness and even their health. A quality air freshener provides a way to eliminate offending aromas and make the environment more pleasant. Many products may just mask the stench or blend with it. There are a few that have proven to actually neutralize odors. 

Dr. Cheryl Hart is a chiropractor and professional dog boarder. She says, “Some pets just have stronger smells than others. Having Febreze AIR Freshener Heavy Duty Crisp Clean on hand keeps my home smelling fresh. It’s perfect for multiple pets.”

Best Febreeze Air Freshener

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How to Find The Best Febreeze Air Freshener For Your dog


Air fresheners are popular in most households because they successfully mask unwanted smells in most areas of the house. Lots of people use air fresheners because these products make their room smell better, but air fresheners actually offer more than that. Most of these products have antiseptic properties and you can even customize the intensity of the scent you want to dispel. Air fresheners are cheap and portable so you can have different long-lasting fragrances on the go.

Why Febreze is the Best

There are many air fresheners available in the market, but one product has always stood out because of its innovative line of products and safe ingredients. Febreze effectively eliminates odors without any heavy fragrance, making it safe to use around pets and family. Febreze products do not use harmful chemicals such as phthalates, benzene, triclosan, and other flammable propellants. Unlike other air fresheners, Febreze neutralizes odor using sodium citrate and cyclodextrin, ingredients that can be found in food. In addition, natural scents like fruits and flowers are recreated to give your room a zesty vibe.

Popular Febreze Products

  •       Febreze Clothing

This can be used on jackets, pants, coats, and scarves that you have used for a few times to spray freshness back when you want to use them again.

  •       Febreze Fabric

This is used to spritz away bad odors that have accumulated on your couch, bed, curtains, and even your rug. You just need to spray it directly on your fabrics and let them dry.

  •       Febreze Air

This can be used to eliminate concentrated odors on the go. Perfect for bathroom use and for households with pets.

  •       Febreze Plug

This is used to keep away bad smells for longer periods of time. It releases two alternating scents at a time for as long as a month.

  •       Febreze Car

This comes in many scents and is compact enough that you can clip it on your dashboard for a fresh-smelling ride.

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