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Is It Okay for My Dog to Eat Orange Peels?

Dogs are loyal creatures that humans simply love to pamper. As a pet parent, you want to give your dog every piece of food that you are eating. Of course, you can never fathom that what you are safe to eat as a human being can actually be dangerous to your dog’s health. This is especially true to the fruits that you eat. Apples, bananas, cranberry, strawberry, cantaloupe, watermelon, are safe for your pooch, and orange is safe too except for the orange peels.

Is orange peel safe for dogs?

No. Orange peels are not safe for your dog to eat. Though they are not toxic for your furry friend, your pet will have a very hard time digesting them. This can lead to an upset stomach in your pooch, which is definitely not a good thing because you never want to see your canine friend suffer. So when you eat oranges make sure that you keep the peels away from your dog and throw the orange peels properly in the trash bin. Orange peels can also be a choking hazard to your dog, so always make sure that you don’t have any orange peel left in your table or anywhere in your house. Though you cannot protect your pet from all the dangers in the world, at least you can eliminate one hazard that could make your pooch sick.

Symptoms of orange peel eating

Your precious furry friend will be fine after eating orange peels, but your dog will likely experience diarrhea and vomiting. Your pooch many try to remove the unwanted peel from the system by vomiting it out. But generally, you don’t have to worry because your dog will be back to normal after a day. But if you are extremely worried about your furry friend or it has been two days and your dog is still vomiting and has diarrhea, then it is time to consult your dog’s vet. You can even bring your dog to the vet after eating orange peels for good measure. Seeing a vet will help alleviate what your dog is feeling through prescribed medication.

Common symptoms of orange peel poisoning

  • Weakness
  • Muscle spasms and tremors
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Depression
  • Drooling
  • Choking
  • Potential photosensitivity
  • Intestinal obstruction

These symptoms can also be identical to other illnesses, so make sure that you think carefully about what happened or what was consumed before your favorite dog got sick.

Is orange without the peeling safe for dogs?

Yes. Oranges are tangy dog treats that are safe for dogs but can only be given in a limited amount. No matter how your dog enjoys eating a piece of orange, don’t overdo the feeding. This is because oranges contains high amount of sugar and acidity, and your dog’s digestive system cannot handle them in abundance. Also, dogs are capable of producing their dose of vitamin C in their bodies, and so it is not really necessary to feed your pooch oranges. But if given in small amounts, your pet can have an improve immune system by eating oranges.

How to prevent dogs from eating orange peels?

If an orange peel is not good for your dog, then you have to find ways to prevent your treasured dog from coming in contact with it.

Don’t buy oranges

Of course, the best way to avoid dog illness due to orange peels is to skip the oranges when you are doing your grocery shopping. This doesn’t mean that you cannot eat oranges anymore, but it just means that you should not bring this kind of fruit to your home anymore. But you can always eat oranges when you are in your office, in a friend’s house, or anywhere else where your dog is not around.

Put the orange peels in a closed plastic bag

If you really can’t help yourself and you just have to bring oranges home for the weekend, then at least be responsible about it. Prepare a plastic trash bag before you sit down and eat your favorite oranges. You can give small bites of oranges to your pooch, but make sure to immediately put the orange peels inside the plastic bag and seal it close. Put the plastic bag away and out of your dog’s reach.

Throw orange peels immediately

It is best that when you peel oranges in your kitchen, throw the orange peels immediately in the trash bin to prevent your dog from eating them. Do the peeling of the oranges in your kitchen so you have immediate access to the trash, then you can bring the peeled oranges in your living room bedroom, to be eaten alone or shared with your pooch. Try not to bring unpeeled oranges in any other part of your home except the kitchen, so your dog will not get tempted to munch on the orange peels. Remember that prevention is always better than cure.

Spread awareness

You already know that orange peels are bad for your dog. Many pet parents may also have an idea what orange peels can do to their dogs, but you still need to spread awareness for those who don’t know. In an ideal world where all parents are fully aware of the toxicity of orange peels to dogs, every dog is safe. But this is not a fantasy world, nor is it a perfect one. You can help keep dogs safe by talking about orange peels with other dog parents whom you bond with the dog park, or your own neighbors. You can also post awareness in your social media accounts regarding the risks that orange peels bring to dogs. A YouTube video with your dog is also a fantastic idea to consider. Little by little you can reach many pet parents, and in the long run the words will spread, and millions of pet owners will keep their orange peels away from their beloved dogs. In your own way, you have the power to prevent all dogs from getting sick due to orange peels.

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