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Best Dog Stain Removers for Hardwood Floor

Fur-babies, like their human counterparts, may have accidents from time to time. First, understand that most of the time it’s not something that happens on purpose. Next, there’s no need to stress about it. Hardwood floors are some of the easiest materials to keep tidy, especially with pets. Stain removers that are specifically made for cleaning and disinfecting hardwoods are good to have on hand. They work on the molecules that may cause smell, bacteria, and discoloration on these surfaces.

Jarett Gilpin is a certified professional celebrity dog trainer. She advises, “Some breeds are easier to train than others. This is especially true with potty coaching. All dogs are guided by their nose. Wipe off fluids quickly to remove any smells that might encourage a common relieving spot. Then, accompany puppy outside to show them where to go.”

Best Dog Stain Removers for Hardwood Floor

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How to Find The Best Dog Stain Removers for Hardwood Floor For Your dog

Using the Best Dog Stain Remover on Hardwood Floors

Once dog stains are on hardwood floors, an immediate swab or wipe of paper towel or wet cloth can do to get rid of the mess. However, there are times when you know that your pooch pees on the floor, and hours have passed, and you suddenly forget to do something about it. Leaving stains unattended has consequences. They can last longer than what you think.

Hardwood floors can be even more challenging to clean up. Some harsh chemicals are deemed to be effective, but know that they can be too much for your floors. In worse cases, the cleaning product can even ruin the finish from the surface. For this, you definitely need a quality dog stain remover for hardwood floors.

Why Should You Buy a Dog Stain Remover for Hardwood Floors?

In a nutshell, pet stains are something that you don’t want to underestimate. There’s not much of a problem if you immediately saw Fido peeing on the floor, and you take action on it right away. However, if we’re talking about tough stains that were left unattended for hours or days, you need a special stain remover.

Some of the most common dog stains are urine, feces, and vomit. Urine stains, particularly, are probably the worst stain that can ruin your floor. If left for quite some time, the soiling will turn to black due to a reaction with the acid.

Whatever the reason you have, black stains or soiling can be hideous and distracting. It’s like a blemish that you can no longer do anything about. So, you need a commercial dog stain remover to save your floors from all of this mess.

Besides, it’s easy to use. You can definitely opt to try DIY homemade solutions, but that can be time-consuming and tiring. The best solution you can do is to give immediate action to remove the stain. You can simply stock the stain remover on the shelf and grab it if you need it right away.

How to Pick the Best Dog Stain Remover for Hardwood Floors?

Yes, commercial dog stain removers are amazing. They’re formulated with all the needed cleaning compounds so you can just do your job immediately. All you have to do is get the best bottle of stain remover first! Here are a few buying tips that can help you out.

  • Ingredients

For starters, ingredients are something that you really need to take a look at. Dog stain cleaners are either made from synthetic or plant-based ingredients or both. 

So yes, it goes without saying that you should definitely go for a product solely made from plant-based compounds. However, you won’t see one in the market. You can definitely pick one made from both ingredients, but it should be made from more plant-based ones.

When it comes to hardwood floors, enzyme-based cleaners are the top favorite. They work best for pet stains, particularly urine stains. Products with hydrogen peroxide work wonders too.

  • Cleaning Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, you need to take action as soon as possible! If your dog stain remover won’t produce an effect for how long it claims to, that’s a waste of your time and money. Go for something that acts quickly! So, if a stain remover has claims on how fast it works, see to it that you get the same thing too.

However, things may not be the same for tough stains that have lingered for quite some time. Old stains will absolutely take longer to dissolve. Make sure that you follow instructions on how to use the product, so you can expect results in a matter of time.

  • Ease of Use

Speaking of instructions, how clear and straightforward are they? If you haven’t used any dog stain remover before, this is something that you should consider.

Secondly, it should be convenient to use. Does it come in a handy, spray bottle that you can simply spritz to spot clean the floor? Or, do you have to dilute it with water to make a solution? 

Do you need more materials aside from the dog stain remover, such as a mop, damp cloth, or cleaning machine? These questions may help you to find the right product.

  • Safety

Lastly, safety is crucial. 

Yes, even with simple cleaning household products such as dog stain removers. Keep in mind that you’re trying to get rid of stains on your hardwood floors. Floors are exposed to everybody in the house, so if you’re using an overly harsh solution, it can pose harm to someone in the family—including your dog.

Dog stain products may include small amounts of unnecessary and harmful compounds. Ammonia is part of the formula, but it gives off that pungent smell. When spot cleaning your hardwood floors, make sure that the windows are open and the whole room is well-ventilated. Let the kids and pets stay away from the infected area. Lastly, don’t forget that proper handling is a must!

There are a lot of dog stain removers in the market. Make sure that you’re always considering the necessary factors before buying a product from your cart. While cleaning your hardwood floors with the best dog stain remover can work, in-house training is a must for Fido too!

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