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Best Dog Stain Removers for Hard Surface

Dogs have become accustomed to hanging out with the family in the home. They are a joy to have around. However, it can be stressful when they end up having an accident. Keeping a high-caliber cleaner available is important to alleviate the worry of having stains on hard surface areas. It should be tough enough to remove stains without leaving a chemical smell. It should be safe to use around children and pets. Choose a pet stain remover that can be the go-to cleaner when accidents happen.

Andrew Boston is a dog enthusiast with expertise in canine products. He says, “Dogs have become a mainstay in many homes. They can and do have accidents like anyone else. If it isn’t dealt with promptly, it can easily ruin furniture or flooring. Choosing a quality pet stain remover can prevent this from happening.”

Best Dog Stain Removers for Hard Surface

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How to Find The Best Dog Stain Removers for Hard Surface For Your dog

Buying Guide: Dog Stain Removers for Hard Surfaces

Aside from being full-time dog parents, we also do a variety of responsibilities from our 9-5 jobs, babysitting the kids, and doing daily household chores. Anybody can become so busy that forgetting to clean up your dog’s urine all over the surface is common. Although the situation is typical, it’s not something that you shouldn’t underestimate.

Stains that last longer will give you some headaches later on. Why? They’re more challenging to get rid of. Some harsh cleaning products can dissolve them, but be careful on some surfaces. Instead of turning your surfaces squeaky clean, it can be the other way around! For this, you should always buy a dog stain remover for hard surfaces.

Should You Purchase a Dog Stain Remover for Hard Surfaces?

Dog stains can be really damaging. There’s nothing much to worry about if you instantly saw your pooch peeing on the wall and wiping it right away. However, if it becomes a tough dog stain left unattended for a few hours and even days, you need to opt for a dog stain remover.

Your pooch’s urine can be just one of the stubborn stains that you can encounter, but it can be seen as the most common and worst stain that can damage your surfaces at home. Urine specifically has acid that produces a negative reaction, leaving black stains in some areas. Meanwhile, watch out for other common pet stains such as feces and vomit too.

Whether it’s urine, feces, or vomit, they can be quite displeasing and bothering. You surely don’t want stains to ruin the beauty of your walls and floors! In this case, you need to take action right away. Buy the best dog stain remover in the pet store now and use it immediately.

How to Choose the Best Dog Stain Remover for Hard Surfaces?

Dog stain removers can work wonders. They’re easy to use, made from all the important chemical compounds for easy cleaning. You can get started by finding the best dog stain remover, though. Here are a few buying tips that you should keep in mind.

  • Ingredients

For the basics, you should take a look at the ingredients that make up a certain stain remover. Your ideal product can be either made from synthetic or plant-based compounds. Essentially, the former option is safer and more effective to use. The thing is, it’s really hard to find a product made from 100% pure plant-based ingredients. Picking one made from both can be viable, but it should have less artificial compounds.

For hard surfaces such as floors and walls, two of the most effective dog stain cleaners are enzyme-based cleaners and those which include hydrogen peroxide on the formulation.

  • Cleaning Efficiency

Act fast in cleaning pet stains, and you won’t have a problem at all. Now, if your dog stain remover can’t remove stains instantly, that’s less impressive. You may need to spray or pour more of the solution until you get visible results. Later on, you might realize that it costs you more.

This can be a determining factor of cleaning efficiency, but take note, tough stains are different. They can be tough and more challenging to remover, so expect repeat application. Just always follow the instructions, and you’re good to go.

  • Ease of Use

Since we’re talking about instructions, does the product include how to use it properly? Ease of use highly speaks of convenience.

Most stain removers for dog stains usually come in handy spray bottles that you can use for spritzing the solution. Others may have the need to be diluted with water to create the perfect formula. The bottom line is, it should be clear to you how you should use the product.

Will you need a damp cloth, or will you have to prepare a mop or a cleaning machine? Some cleaning products work better with certain materials.

  • Safety

We can’t stress enough the importance of safety. Yes, this is applicable even when using a stain remover.

This should concern you even more, especially if you’re spraying or pouring the solution in an area where it’s exposed with your kids, other family members, and even your dog. 

When you’re choosing for the right product, be aware of certain chemicals that indicate proper handling. Ammonia has always been part of the formula, but everyone knows how powerful the smell it gives off. So when you’re spot cleaning a certain surface, keep the windows open and work on a well-ventilated area. Don’t let the kids and dogs get near you while cleaning. After all, proper handling is a must.

You can see a lot of options for stain removers. Pick one specifically for pet stains, and remember our buying tips here. While cleaning your walls and floors immediately is a must, training your pup can also help!

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