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Best Dog Stain Removers for Bedding

Dogs have their favorite spots to slumber. This could be a dog bed or next to their special person. However, there are situations that may cause them to soil this space. Having a good quality stain and odor remover on hand is crucial. It should be effective and easy to use. It should leave a refreshing scent that doesn’t smell like chemicals. Select a cleaner that leaves puppies and their pet parents feeling at ease.

Destin Denoit is a former special forces canine handler. He has the following suggestions for dealing with pet stains and odors: “Dogs work hard to please their handlers. They don’t want to upset them and they certainly don’t want to be sick any more than humans do. When it does happen, a remover that really works is important. There should be no trace of the accident in bedding or anywhere else. This will discourage a canine from marking there.”

Best Dog Stain Removers for Bedding

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How to Find The Best Dog Stain Removers for Bedding For Your dog

Choosing the Best Dog Stain Remover for Bedding

Is it that time of the day yet? You might give your pooch a goodnight kiss as you tuck him in to sleep. The following day, you wake up seeing your pup’s tiny bed with pee all over the bedding. What a way to start your morning, right? Well, you’re not alone.

It’s not uncommon that dog parents deal with pet stains. Whether it’s on the clothes, floors, or other hard surfaces, you’ll always see one until your pooch learns how to find the right spot. Other than that, you may have to deal with unwanted mess first. For this, you’ll eventually need a dog stain remover.

What is a Dog Stain Remover?

Dog stain removers are cleaning products used for removing a variety of pet stains. The most common ones you’ll see are pet urine, feces, and vomit, and this product will help you clean them immediately. Aside from cleaning certain areas such as your dog’s bed (which is the highlight of this article), dog stain removers can also sanitize, remove harmful microorganisms and foul odor altogether.

Should I Buy a Dog Stain Remover?

What do you think? This question might be something that concerns you. What’s the point of buying a commercial product if you can make your own at home?

When it comes to pesky stains, you’ll definitely want a product that will work best for your cleaning routine. Yes, it can be easy to search for DIY homemade dog stain removers, but doing them can be time-consuming. You might have saved money by using some existing products at home, but you’re not sure if they’ll work for your pup’s bedding.

Besides, not all homemade cleaning products work for all fabrics. So, opt for a commercial dog stain remover, and you’ll see rewarding results. It’s premade with all the necessary cleaning compounds, so you can use it right away. It’s just that you have to pick the best dog stain remover in the market.

How to Choose the Best Dog Stain Remover for Bedding

There are a variety of dog stain removers that you can see. It’s normal to be clueless, especially if you haven’t tried one yet. The thing is, we’re here to help! Here are a few factors to consider when buying this pet supply for your dog.

  • Fabric

Since we’re talking about bedding, it’s essential that you know what the most common fabrics used for them are. A quick and short background can help you find the right cleaning product.

For starters, cotton is the most in-demand and commonly used for bedding. With this, you have a lot of options to choose from as they’re compatible with cotton fabrics. This material is also temperature-responsive too.

If you have bedding made of wool, expect that it’s more delicate and sensitive compared to cotton. You can buy any stain remover meant for wool fabrics, but make sure that you only wash it once and spread the bedding flat for drying.

Meanwhile, bedding made from synthetic fibers can be quite challenging to wash. The stain can stick to the fibers for too long. Synthetic fibers are sensitive to several solvents like acetone or ammonia too. So, be careful about washing. Solvents can pose damage to your bedding’s appearance.

Silk is a rare, delicate fabric used for bedding. So, you have to be extra careful compared to the rest of the fabrics mentioned. You can’t be too harsh when getting rid of stains. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your bedding. With this, it’s best to hire a professional cleaner.

  • Ingredients

Dog stain removers are made from different cleaning compounds. It can be either from artificial or plant-based compounds. The thing is, most stain removers today are the combination of both, so make sure that your ideal product contains more plant-based than the artificial ingredients. The latter happens to be more harmful in excessive amounts.

  • Cleaning Efficiency

When we’re talking about pet stains, cleaning efficiency is crucial. Every dog parent would love to buy a product that works fast and efficiently! So, take note of these qualities.

This is achievable if you’re cleaning fresh stains. Old stains can be harder to remove since some of them might even turn to soils and discolored patches. Repeated application of the stain remover is a must. Still, it’s always best to take action immediately once you see a stain so you won’t deal with more consequences later on.

  • Safety

Some dog stain removers can be too harsh for usage. This is because of some artificial ingredients that can be too much for your senses. One primary example is ammonia. Ammonia works, but it can be a problem for those with sensitive noses. Large amounts of hydrogen peroxide can also cause discoloration, so you have to use the product properly.

When washing or getting rid of stains, make sure that you’re working in a well-ventilated room. Keep the kids and your dog away until the bedding is newly washed.

Now that you know how to find the best dog stain remover for bedding, proper handling is a must too. Make sure that you’re following directions on how to use the product, and apply the appropriate amount. Above all else, always be on the lookout for stains so you can get rid of them as soon as possible!

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