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Best Dog Grooming Brush

A dog’s coat says a lot about its overall well-being. Regular brushing prevents matting, improves circulation, and reduces pests and bacteria from burrowing into the skin. A good brush goes a long way toward better health. It should provide even strokes that don’t damage the hair roots or skin. The bristles should be soft and soothing but stiff enough to hold up thicker fur. The handle should be comfortable to hold for extended and repeated use. Choose a grooming brush that is made for a dog’s unique needs. 

Destin Benoit is an SOC canine handler. He suggests, “Daily brushes can help prevent shedding and skin irritations. This helps keep all of my dogs in tip-top shape. There is far less itching and scratching when I maintain the daily routine of grooming. Each dog has its own brush, as well as that special spot on their back where they like to be brushed.”

Best Dog Grooming Brush

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