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Find the Perfect Dog Slicker for Your Pup

Want your dog to look as slick as possible? Then you need a dog slicker. Despite the name though, dog slickers aren’t just about aesthetics. These are actually very important tools for ensuring your dog will be healthy and happy. A slicker is a brush that uses lots of very small pins in order to help comb through a dog’s fur, remove tangles and loose hair, and even help them to shed dead skin and improve their resistance to infection as a result.

Not sure where to start with such a device? First, determine if your dog is small, medium, or large based on DogGear standards:

Now, read on to get our top recommendations for the best dog slickers for small, medium, and large dogs.

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Slicker Brushes for Small Dogs

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*The DogGear team did not stop with small slicker brushes, we also researched the best options for medium dogs. Read on to gain knowledge and save time.

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*Last, and certainly not least, the DogGear team did not forget about slicker brushes for large dogs.

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DogGear Philosophy

While any of these dog slickers will do the job nicely, our favorites are invariably those with self-cleaning action. They save a lot of time and effort! We hope you’ve found something that will fit your dog’s needs. Try our quiz if you’d like a personalized recommendation.

Read on to learn more about slicker brushes.

Time to groom your dog? A dog slicker brush is one of the essential grooming tools every dog owner should have, especially if they want their dogs to be able to brag with an incredible and shining coat.

A dog slicker brush can be great for getting rid of loose, trapped fur and restoring the healthy shine to your dog’s coat.

Over time, loose fur can trigger allergies and skin conditions, or just get all over the place and leave you to remove it from your couch. But this is much less likely to happen if you manage to get rid of the loose fur by regularly brushing your dog.

Here’s more about dog slicker brushes and how to best use them to take care of your dog’s fur for the future.

What’s a Slicker Brush?

A slicker brush is usually rectangular in shape, somewhat resembles a human hairbrush, and has plenty of wiry bristles.

It’s designed specifically to remove loose hairs and dead skin cells from your dog’s coat, and it’s an essential part of their grooming routine that’s ideally used together with a regular dog brush – and sometimes dog grooming scissors.

How to Use a Slicker Brush

The best way to use a slicker brush is carefully. If you press down too hard with the brush, there’s a chance that you could hurt your dog’s skin – so go slowly and lightly over their fur, and remember to make regular stops to clean the brush as you go.

It’s a myth that a slicker brush will hurt your dog, but it’s not a myth that it can when used in the wrong way. If your dog shows any sign of pain or discomfort while brushing, stop.

Go slowly and gradually, working with the grain of their fur growth and going through bits of their fur at a time – especially if you have a more furry pup to brush.

Slicker Brushing Tips

If you want to get the best possible use out of your slicker brush, you should clean it properly after every use. Make sure that you get all of the loose hairs out from the bristles – using a toothpick can make it a lot easier.

It’s also best to brush your dog with a regular brush before the slicker brush, especially if they happen to have thicker fur – this prevents the slicker brush from getting snagged.

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