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Dog bowls don’t have to just be stainless steel discs that sit on the floor. You can mix it up a bit, and get your dog something cute that they actually enjoy eating or drinking out of. If you have multiple dogs, it’s especially important to get them their own distinct bowls so they can differentiate which belongs to which dog. This can help to defeat any behavioral issues between the two, but most importantly of all, getting a cute dog bowl is a way to show how unique your dog is.

Getting the appropriate sized dog bowl is imperative for your pup. It helps control overeating, provides ample space for the proper amount of kibble, and helps your dog to get the right amount of food. You’ll also find that some bowls offer puzzles and challenges to help mitigate large-scale food intake.

The information we’ve laid out lets you know what to look for in a dog bowl. We’ve put together three different bowls in each category for various dog sizes, including premium, selections, close seconds, and bargain picks for budget conscious dog owners. At the end of this guide, there’s also information about how to ensure you’re getting the best cute dog bowl possible for your dog.

Best Cute Dog Bowls

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Best Cute Bowls for Dogs

Best Cute Bowls for Small Dogs

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*There are just as many bowl options for medium-sized dogs, and our team has done the testing work for you. Below are our recommendations for medium bowls.

Best Cute Bowls for Medium Dogs

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*The DogGear team also researched the best dog bowls for big dogs! Keep reading to learn more.

Best Cute Bowls for Large Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

You need to get the best, and only the best for your dog. That’s our aim, which is why we’re constantly bringing you the best dog products to enhance their lives, without being a blight on your wallet. With this list, you’ll be able to find the cutest bowl for your dog without having to compromise on quality. We take your pup’s products very seriously, which is why we also review leashes, dog food and other necessities to keep their lives the best that they can be.

Didn’t Find The Perfect Cute Dog Bowls For You?

Read on to find out how to pick the best cute dog bowl for your dog and to learn about the DogGear team’s favorite kinds of bowls.

What Type of Cute Dog Bowls Should You Get?

A lot of it is based on aesthetics, and going to depend on your dog’s style. Look at their favorite collar, chew toy and bed colors and try to match the same style (obviously color doesn’t matter to the dog), but also make sure it’s something you won’t be embarrassed to have your friends see when they come over.

How to Choose Cute Dog Bowls for Your Dog

If you’re still not certain what cute dog bowl you want to get for your pup, we’ve devised this simple and easy to use quiz below to help you reach a decision. Fill out these simple questions, and get access to answers that will help you narrow down the decision. This is perfect if you find yourself stalling when making small decisions, and need a decisive tone to help determine what the best option is.

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