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Best All Purpose Cleaner

Finding a reliable all-purpose cleaner is important because most people have a variety of fixtures that have to be cleaned, and nobody wants to spend extra time and money buying cleaners for the bathroom, kitchen, and so on. Between the excess time and expenditure, it just make so much more sense to have one rock solid, highly dependable all-purpose cleaner which you can rely on whenever you need it. Whether you are cleaning up after a more serious incident or just doing some light cleaning around the house, we have you covered.

After doing some research, we have decided that, based on a number of categories, Method Purpose Cleaner French Lavender did the best job, and we’ll explain why in more detail below. Our Honorable Mention pick goes to Mrs. Meyers Multi Surface Concentrate, and for those who are specifically looking for a green pick that is environment and pet friendly, Better Life All Purpose Unscented would be our recommendation to you.

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For the purposes of making things as simple as possible in terms of crafting these reviews, we decided to break our review down into three major testing categories: power, application and odor.

Power: In terms of power, our main concerns here were whether the product was concentrated or not and how much of it you needed to use at once to clean whatever surface you were working on. If it was not concentrated or required a significant amount of the bottle to be used for simply one sitting, than we rated the product more lowly in that category.

Application: Application, for our purposes here, refers to how easy the product is to apply during one sitting, as understanding how to point a spray bottle at something and then spray cleaning solution on it is pretty straightforward. If there was any type of issue with the actual spray bottle itself while we were using the product, we took the time to make note of that and factor that into our final evaluation of the product.

Odor: Finally, we figured that it was important to take note of how pungent the product was. Cleaning solutions often need to be made up of strong chemical components to actually be able to do their jobs effectively, but at the same time, that does not mean they need to have a displeasing smell. If the product had an overpowering odor of any kind, we made note of that and used it as part of our evaluation for the all-purpose cleaner in question.

Tips for Effective All Purpose Cleaning

The use of all-purpose cleaners is pretty straightforward, as all you will really need is the bottle of cleaner itself and a rag. Simply turn the nozzle, if there is one on the bottle, to the “on” direction and begin to spray. If there is not a nozzle on the bottle, you won’t even have to do that – just point and spray. Before cleaning be sure to have some sort of cleaning implement to wipe up the chemical afterwards, and you may need a sponge if the substance is particularly streaky, greasy, or otherwise difficult to remove in any way.

Most of these chemical can be simply placed under the sink or in a cabinet, as they are in small, easy to store spray bottles. It should not be difficult at all to find a place in your home where you can store your recently purchased selection of an all-purpose cleaner.

It should be noted that even though some of these products have been listed as child and pet safe, you still do not want your kids or your animals to be exposed to them. Keep them in a cool, dry place that is not easily accessible to anyone who is not an adult in your home.

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