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Are Premium Dog Foods Better than the Bargain Brands?

Ask yourself a question: Do you feel better when you eat organic foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy calories? Most people find that they do. Nutrition plays a significant role in our lives. We are what we eat – if you choose to over-indulge in carbohydrates and fat, you’ll likely feel lethargic, potentially gain weight, and might even experience health issues.

Why should your dog be any different concerning their nutritional needs? It stands to reason that feeding your dog inferior food choices impacts their health and well-being negatively. On the other hand, feeding your canine friend a nutritious meal keeps their body fit, their coat shiny, and their mind healthy. But does buying a “premium” dog food really have that much of an impact?

Choosing the best food for your dog is as important as choosing your own food. Here are the reasons why you should select premium dog food brands.

The Problem with Bargain Brand Dog Food

In today’s economy, consumers are more cash-strapped than ever before. It’s tempting to pass the aisle at your local grocery store and pick up the cheapest can or bag of dog food for your pet. After all, when you put their bowl on the floor, they won’t complain if it’s inferior food – the chances are they won’t even notice the difference.

Our dogs trust our judgement, and they depend on our choices for their food. If you feed your dog low-quality food, they’ll still love you the same. However, low-quality foods can cause weight gain, which can lead to issues like dysplasia. Unhealthy ingredients can cause your dog’s coat and eyes to look dull and  can lead to numerous other health issues.

Your dog doesn’t realize it’s the food that’s doing this to their health. The poor pooch doesn’t know any better. However, as a conscientious pet owner, it’s your job to keep them as fit and healthy as possible.

Inferior quality dog food often comes loaded with unhealthy protein sources and low quality fats, while canned meat products feature animal off-cuts that have little nutritional value. Low-quality dog food can contain dangerous substances. The pulped carcasses and extracted oils of farmed salmon and panga fish typically end up in dog food to provide a fat and protein source.

Unfortunately, these two fish are among the most toxic foods for dogs. Fish farmers keep millions of fish in breeding pens, spraying them with chemicals to prevent disease and infection in the fish. The fish absorb these chemicals, which end up in the pulp that makes it to your dog’s dinner bowl and ultimately into their fat stores.

Now, this isn’t to say that all bargain brands are bad. But read ingredients lists and reviews carefully to determine if a particular food is really something you should be feeding your dog.

You Have to Pay for Quality

Quality food keeps your dog healthy throughout their life. A good diet helps your dog stay active by improving energy levels and immune system. Dogs fed a premium dog food typically live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Price is indicative of the quality of food. However, it’s not the only indicator of a premium brand. We highly recommend speaking to your vet and asking them for their recommendations and why they choose those brands of food. The chances are that they won’t recommend the most expensive brand, but instead, focus on a product that provides a full range of nutrients for your pet.

Some dog food manufacturers make breed specific or age-specific formulas. This is because some dogs require different nutrition as they transition from puppy to adolescence, adulthood, and their senior years. This type of specialization isn’t available in cheaper brand foods that prefer a “shotgun approach” to feeding dogs, where one formula fits all.

Wrapping Up – Buy in Bulk

Feeding your dog premium food might not be cheap, but there are ways to minimize the cost. Look for bulk deals on larger bags of dog food. Kibble and canned food can be stored for quite some time without losing nutritional value. Buying in bulk can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of the year. You can also try to supplement a cheaper brand of dog food with healthy vegetables and high-quality proteins to ensure that your pup is getting the nutrients they need.

Your furry friend deserves the best. If your dog puts a smile on your face as you watch them play in the yard, buy them a premium quality food that keeps them healthy and fit into their senior years.

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