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Why Schnoodles Make Great Pets

Schnoodles are highly intelligent, obedient, and loyal pets that make fantastic companions for families, couples, professionals, and everyone in between. In fact, when you learn all about the Schnoodle and just what a perfect combination it really is, you may find yourself asking if this is in fact the ideal dog!

What is a Schnoodle?

So, let’s start with the obvious question: just what is a Schnoodle?

A Schnoodle is a cross breed of dog that is bred from a Schnauzer and a Poodle. The result is a dog that retains many of the traits of each and which as a result has a lot of positives going for it.

In terms of physical characteristics, the Schnoodle can be rather varied. The reason for this is simply that this breed is a cross, and like all cross breeds, that introduces a lot of variation. When you breed any two different types of dog, there is a chance that the resulting puppy will get characteristics from each side.

Thus you might have a dog that is the size of the Poodle with the fur of the Schnauzer, or vice versa! Did you know for instance that the Schnoodle can actually range in size and weight from 6 pounds to 76 pounds? That’s a huge difference! What’s more, is that the Schnoodle can come in a wide variety of different colors and patterns.

That said, there are still some very common traits that you get with the Schnauzer across the board. This becomes all the more true if you are talking about multi-generational Schnoodles, which are Schnoodles that have been bred from other Schnoodles. For instance, it is not uncommon to find a Schnoodle that has Schnoodle grandparents, which would make it a third generation Schnoodle. The longer the line of Schnoodles, the more consistent its traits will be and the more you can rely on it being like the most average description.


So just what does the “typical” Schnoodle look like?

For starters, this dog is generally on the smaller side despite its potentially large range. Most Schnoodles will be around shin height or just below the knee – which is referred to as the “Miniature Schnoodle.”

Other Schnoodles are the toy Schnoodles – incredibly small and only around 30cm off the ground – and the standard Schnoodle that is closer in size to something like a Labrador.

Schnoodles can also vary in their fur type, though one of the most appealing benefits of the breed is that they often do not shed. That in turn makes these suitable dogs for those that struggle with asthma or who have allergies.

Keep in mind, though, that not all Schnoodles will have this advantage and that it is therefore very important that you do your research before you invest.

While there are many differences, one of the most common features is the head shape. This breed has a particularly appealing head shape that is well proportioned with the rest of the body. They have round dark eyes and large, profuse eyebrows which help them to be pull a range of expressions. They have very concave muzzles and dark noses. They can be cut to enjoy a range of different styles for their coats, which can look very smart and trim, or somewhat shaggy and relaxed. This allows the owner and the pet to express themselves and means you can find a cut that will suit the kind of dog you want to be seen out with!


Schnoodles are incredibly popular in part due to their excellent personalities. Again, it is important to note that every dog is different and they can have wildly varying personalities. But with that said, you can expect a Schnauzer to be one of the most intelligent dogs there is. These dogs come from two of the most intelligent breeds of dog currently known, which of course means you get a resulting highly intelligent progeny.

Schnoodles are also well liked because they are so loyal, and so much fun. These are dogs that enjoy being around people, and that are very safe with pets and families. They aren’t quite as hyperactive as some of their more boisterous cousins (such as the Labradoodle or Goldendoodle) but they are certainly up for a game of fetch if you’re in the mood.

Benefits of Schnoodles

All of this explains why Schnoodles have very quickly exploded as one of the most popular Poodle cross breeds available today.

The first advantage is the range of sizes, which makes them very versatile and suitable for a range of different homes. Some people prefer smaller dogs and there are indeed a number of practical benefits to this.

For one, smaller dogs are actually cheaper. That’s because they aren’t so expensive to feed (because smaller tums need less dog food!) and because they aren’t capable of causing the same amount of damage as a larger dog. Another benefit of smaller dogs is that they are much easier to control – especially if you aren’t particularly physically strong. If you have ever tried walking a much bigger dog who sees something on the other side of the road, then you’ll know just what a fight you might have on your hands!

But even if it’s just a matter of walking off the leash, you will likely find that being able to quickly pick up a small dog is a lot easier.

But then again, some people do prefer larger dogs. Perhaps you are looking for something that will look a little tough that can act as a guard dog? Maybe you’re just a “big dog person” who enjoys having a large animal to hug? Maybe you want a bigger dog because you’re getting older and you’re prone to tripping up over smaller pets?

Whatever the case, having the option to pick from three sizes makes the Schnoodle a particularly great option.

Another benefit of the Schnoodle though – and the one that is going to stand out for the largest number of people – is the fact that they often don’t shed their fur. This right away makes them a suitable option for people who have allergies – that might not otherwise have been able to keep a dog at all! Likewise, people who have asthma and similar conditions will often find that they can keep a Schnoodle even when other dogs aren’t an option.

A lack of shedding is beneficial for a host of other reasons too. Even if you aren’t someone who is allergic, then you might have friends or family who are!

Then there are the other downsides to shedding to remember. For one: did you know that dogs who shed are also more likely to have that “dog smell”? For many people, this is one of the biggest drawbacks of owning a dog. No one likes to have a pet that makes their entire home smell wet and like an animal – and this can be embarrassing when guests come around. Having a Schnoodle that doesn’t shed will completely eradicate this issue.

And then there’s the fine hairs that can find their way onto your clothes. This is something you don’t hear about often, but actually it is among the most frustrating downsides of many pets. Having thin dog hairs all over your carpet and your furniture is a big turn-off for a lot of people, as is having lots of fine dog hairs on your clothing. This can be very hard to remove and it can make wearing black to any event almost impossible!

If you want to get a Schnoodle because they don’t shed, remember that there is a lot of variation from one litter to the next. Always make sure you meet your Schnoodle in person as a puppy before you invest. Go around and visit the litter and see for yourself if they are the malting kind or not!

For all these reasons then, the Schnoodle is one of the most practical dog breeds and thus makes a fantastic pet.


But you know what really makes a great pet? It has nothing to do with practicality and everything to do with temperament. A great pet is an animal that you love to spend time with and that you can form a real bond with.

That’s precisely what you get with a Schnoodle. The reason for this is that this is one of the most intelligent types of dog there is – as briefly mentioned before. This dog is the result of two of the other most intelligent breeds of dog and that makes them incredibly trainable. This in turn makes them very easy to train on a leash for instance, or to teach not to jump up or not to run to the door. This can make your life a lot easier as it means you aren’t constantly “fighting” your dog to get them to behave as they should. It can also mean that you get to enjoy the company of your dog without being constantly alert as to what they might do next! And, of course, it means less damaged furniture.

Having an intelligent pet goes further though – it allows you to form a much closer and more interactive relationship with them. Intelligent pets are far more likely to understand the games you want to play with them for instance – or even invent their own games. This can be a lot of fun and it can be highly surprising when they come up with something new.

At the same time, an intelligent pet is more sensitive to humans and will be more likely to understand if you are feeling sad or unwell – and to come and comfort you as a result. This is really like having a friend, and it’s a really unique bond.

The temperament of the Schnoodle is a very good one in general though. They are also very friendly, very funny, and very good with children and other pets. You can even keep a Schnoodle with a cat, though we recommend that you introduce the Schnoodle to the cat as a puppy if you want to ensure
that this transition goes as well as possible.

Final Points

Finally, there are a few more points to consider with regards to the Schnoodle. For one, they are generally healthy with relatively few health problems and good metabolisms. They live a long time too, which means that you can enjoy their company for a long time.

Another great bonus is that Schnoodles are relatively affordable. This is owing to the fact that they are cross breeds rather than pure pedigrees, which means that you won’t find them to be prohibitively expensive.

Finally, they’re just really cute and very photogenic. These are great pets for starting conversations because people will ask you about them in the street. Because they’re so friendly with other people, they’re great for making new friends. They’re also energetic without being hyper. They won’t make life difficult when you’re trying to relax in the evening, but they also will always be game for a walk making them an excellent incentive to get outside and get some exercise.

Schnoodles are a great choice for any type of person then – whether you’re a single professional, or you’re a young family. Just make sure that you understand the inherent variability when choosing a cross like a Schnoodle, and that you are able to check whether they shed or not first. Likewise, make sure you choose the right size for your family, and that meet them in person wherever possible.

Not sure if a Schnoodle is for you? There are many other Poodle cross breeds with a host of similar benefits, so check them out too!


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