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Why Is My Dog Afraid of Thunder/Loud Noises? How Do I Help?

Have you noticed that your dog is afraid of thunder or loud noises? While not all dogs experience this, those who have pets who are afraid of loud noise can have it tough at times, especially if they see their dog having a difficult time.

The loud cracks and booms of fireworks may not be disturbing for people, but it may sound frightening for your pet. Does your dog shake and tremble during the 4th of July? Or whenever there are loud noises? According to some research, the reason why dogs are afraid of thunder and other loud noises may be because of various environmental factors such as a traumatic event related to loud noise or sounds. This event might have happened early in your dog’s life. Other reasons may be because of their lack or exposure to loud noises.

Nonetheless, the fear of loud sounds can be stressful and draining for your pet. The most common noises that cause fear and anxiety are thunder, vehicles honking, and fireworks. Such loud noises can cause them to lose energy, which in turn will limit the things that it can do with you as an owner. While there isn’t any specific scientific explanation on why some dogs are afraid of loud noises, there are some things you can do that can help your beloved pet. So what are these things you can do to help your pet feel better? Check out this list below:

Take Your Dog To A Safe Place

Whenever you notice your dog starting to get scared, or whining and shaking, what you can do is to help it find its safe place. If you know that there will be fireworks on a specific day, you probably need to keep your pet indoors, so that you can lessen their exposure to the sound. If you’re outdoors, then you may need to get away, or you may want to find a place that can distract or relax your dog. Find places in your home where your dog can safely relax, and bring it at that area so ease their fear.

Distract Your Pet

You can also try to distract your pet, especially when your dog is starting to show signs that it is worried or scared. What you can do to distract it is to play other sounds such as music, or some other white noise that can help block the sounds that might be scaring your pet.  You can also distract your pet with treats as well. For example, if there are loud noises, you can act as though you don’t notice your pet’s behavior, and you can continue talking to your dog as if nothing is happening. You can give it some treats for staying calm and sitting. You can also involve them in other things such as playing, or other activities such as asking them to play fetch.

Consider Products Or Medications

You can also purchase products that will help soothe or calm your pet whenever it is faced with loud sounds or noises. For example, you can purchase earmuffs that are made for dogs. This can be helpful, especially in lessening sounds, when you are expecting loud fireworks.

If you are running out of options, you can also talk to your veterinarian about possible medications for your dog. You can diffuse medications like pheromones, which can help with your pet’s anxiety. You can also give your dog supplements such as melatonin as well. There are also prescription medications available in special cases, especially when your dog is having a really bad time.


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